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Posted On : 3rd January, 2018 by ViitorCloud

It is critical to keep a check during the last phase of your mobile app development before it gets launched. In the beginning, learn that your app just like the millions of apps is the new one in the app store. As a prediction, the number of mobile app downloads in 2017 will be around 197 billion.

The mobile app ecosystem is jam-packed, and every business needs to prepare for the upcoming tough time. The market resistance is just one of the problems you have to face and work-out with, but there are more. Any hurry while the mobile app launch might overthrow an otherwise excellent app and it is necessary to learn from what others have suffered.

Keeping above things in mind, try to avoid the following common silly mistakes before the mobile app launch:
Before capitalizing mobile app pre-launch, be clear of what it is.

When you plan to begin with your app promotion at the time it is live; you are sure to get a lot of discontentment. Creating a general buzz on social media about your app and also on other online platforms forms curiosity and you can, in fact, use this opportunity to develop a mailing list. On social media, you can update your followers and upload teasers that will influence the target users. In this scene, interact with influencers, journalists and relevant bloggers to prepare the mobile app for the actual launch.

Overlooking Beta Testing

An app development takes a lot of time, so it is obvious that every business person wants it to be launched in soonest possible time. And in all this hurry, most of the app developers make a blunder as they overlook beta testing by an expert who will fix any hidden bugs and ensure the app is user-friendly. A public beta launch also acts as the prospect to acquire objective feedback that will boost the UI improvement.

Unsatisfactory Market Research

Before beginning, any serious development, Market research is the must. In fact, a true market research should be performed time to time during the entire development phase to secure the effectiveness of mobile app. By conducting an

intense market research, businesses can be more familiar with the intended user. The mobile app then you launch is profoundly effective, and market demands relevant.

Pay No Attention to App Store Optimization

So often mobile apps are trendy and are considered as the easiest channel to make money with them? Thinking this way will definitely lead to huge disappointment after the mobile app launch. A specific time and budget need to be allocated for App Store Optimization (ASO). Ensure that the optimized keywords gain the competitive insights to determine where the competition is heading. Your app’s ranking on the store is dependent on your App Store Optimization efforts. To make your app easily discoverable in the store, invest sound resources.

Other blunders to avoid are, underestimating the ratings and reviews, and feedback, failure to advance the creativity of your app, avoiding Offline Promotion and PR, overlooking Discovery Platforms.

If your mobile app is developed by the best mobile app development company, they should be able to manage the promotional activities. As a proficient mobile app development company, above steps, are our typical process for our clients and startups. Let us know your mobile app idea; we will do rest of defining the development and marketing.