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Posted On : 28th June, 2021 by ViitorCloud

For a brand or a business both, online & offline presence is necessary to stay ahead of the competition in this era of digitization. With almost all businesses going digital these days, it has become necessary to have an online presence. A website/app provides a gateway for potential customers to understand the offerings of your business. But you should realize that having just one of them is not enough. You need to have both to get the best from your online business. But, in case you have limitations on your budget, then you can think of
starting with either of them. There is one more option that you can go for while developing your mobile applications, use a cross-platform solution.

Everyone has a smartphone these days which they always carry with them. So it should not be surprising that the first time someone hears about your brand or business, he/she will look up for it using their phones. That makes it necessary for your business to have a presence on mobile devices in some way. You can opt for either a mobile application or a responsive website. As of today, more than 50% of traffic is through mobile phones, of which approximately 90% is from mobile applications. A majority percentage of this traffic coming from mobile applications belongs to famous applications like Twitter, Instagram, and a few others. The choice of creating a mobile website or application is based on your budget, business type, goals, deadline, type of audience, and other such factors.

In this blog, we will discuss and understand the two options for taking your business online. What is better for your brand, mobile application, or else a responsive website? Also, when should you choose what?


What is a mobile application?


In simple terms, it is software that is specially designed for your smartphones & tablets. For using an app, you have to install it from your mobile’s play store and whenever new changes are made, you have to update it every time. The most common platforms for which such apps are designed are iOS & Android. If you can develop an application on a hybrid or cross-platform then you should definitely go for that. Such an app can work on both the iOS & Android platforms and thus save a lot of time that would have otherwise gone into developing an app for each platform separately.

Since mobile applications are made specifically for smartphones, they can efficiently use all the functionalities of it like; camera, microphone, GPS, push notifications, and so on. Also, the performance is great and the user experience is smooth. This will enhance your brand name and that has the potential to increase conversions. You can Hire an app developer to create the best app for your brand.

The challenge however is that, with more than 4 million apps already on the App stores, it is really difficult to make people install any new application.


What is a responsive website?



A responsive website changes its appearance and adjusts in response to factors such as the screen size of the device, orientation, and so on. The idea is to create a website that will look good on all the devices, be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Such websites don’t come with a preset size; it just adjusts to the screen size of the device on its own. As of now, a responsive website is the best type of website that you can have for your business. Tech giant, Google also ranks such websites higher on its search engine. So what is so good about this type of website design? Is it really better than a mobile application?

The biggest advantage that this website design has to offer is that of flexibility. Also, the user will just have to click on a link or enter the site name to visit the website. It is much faster than downloading an application and then using it. Hence, with a website, it is much easier to get new users. Also, the development charges and time are comparatively lower than that for a mobile application. As the development & modification time is less, you get enough time to test your idea to see if it works or not. Even if you modify something on your website, all the user has to do is refresh the page. On the other hand, if you make changes to your mobile application, the user will have to update the app from the play store for that. So, you can Hire a website developer who will develop a good responsive website for your business.

A big setback of using a mobile website is that it can never be as easy & simple to use as a mobile application. The reason being there is no link with the hardware of the device that you are using. The fact that mobile web pages load a bit slower than a mobile application is another thing that you can’t ignore.


So, what to choose for your business?


There are many factors that you have to think about when it comes to choosing between an application and a responsive website for your business.

You should go for an application if the product that you want to offer is mobile-based & requires the functionality of a mobile, such as a game or payment app. Also, if you want to make it available offline and you have no intentions of massive experimenting with the product that you offer, then go for an app. Suppose, you have an established offline business and a website. You just want to initiate a mobile market to get more young users, then building an app is the right choice.

You should go for a responsive website if you have a limited budget and need to launch your online platform shortly. Also, there is no need for you to build an application at an early stage of your business especially if the product that you want to offer does not require mobile-based functionality


The above-mentioned criteria are mainly used for selecting the right platform for taking any business online. Other than that factors such as geographical location, domain, type of audience, etc also play an important role in deciding the right platform. For instance, there are a few countries that seldom use personal computers. Also, the young generation favors applications in comparison to a website.