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Posted On : 9th July, 2018 by ViitorCloud

For any business struggling to thrive online, Landing Page Conversion is the one element that can make or break the website. Most Likely for a lot of businesses it is not that simple to achieve a perfect conversion rate. While they are unsuccessful to earn wings, chances they might not even think of ways to make it in multiples. The subject is not new, and numerous articles, blogs, and books are published in this discipline of Conversion Rate Optimization. There is an intense need among the businesses on the web to the king convert their traffic into transactions. The quickly changing business landscape of Internet is a tough gig for websites to influence a visitor turn into prospect and a prospect turn into customers. The digital distractions are many, with only a few seconds to make a long-lasting impression. 

Well! Conversion truly makes the bread and butter for a company doing business on the limitless world of the Internet, and we jot down some really effective tried and tested ways of supercharging the Landing Page Conversion rates. Have a look, below here.  

Make Your Headline Irresistibly “Catchy” 

To begin with your headline, make it out-of-the-box catchy. Only a few seconds of impressing users involve super-attractive yet short headline. Try to convey your purpose in shortest way possible yet make it enough user-convincing. According to Kissmetrics, simply a headline of 6-12 words is promising to get your website a high CTR and even apparent chances of conversion. It is extremely important to be clear with your headline and through that the direction you set with it for the user, whether be it a download, or an email subscription. Make it concise, clear and effective.
Write your headline in a way that if yields immediate value on the users and receives utmost user attention. 

Don’t Overlook Subheads! They are important. 

Considering the opening of your landing pages is the heading, subheading are the ones that close the conversion. What if your headline is so brief that users still look to know what it is? Or What if the headline isn’t so clear? Subheadings on a landing page act as a bonus element which increases the chances of your conversion. A visitor is always curious to know what your business offers and subheading are the windows for them to sneak a little more. Another this a subhead still is a heading so while making it short focus to make it descriptive.  

Images: They convey what text can’t! 

Images! We follow a simple child psychology here. Making a kid choose a book between one without images and one with images, the later one definitely the clear winner. Similarly, how effective your landing page text is without images it fails to keep your visitors glued to your website. Even research have justified the importance of images, stating that a human brain processes them 60,000x faster than the texts. Include relevant images, the ones that make your landing page goal much clearer, and if you wish to give your users a clearer view, do not resist to include the short videos. Also, be considerable of using royalty-free, profession, and in-context images. Make your images blend with user-perspective. Picturize how your product or service can impact the user lives.  

Create Your Landing Pages in User-Favor 

Instead of building a landing page that speaks more of your business promotions or what makes your product or service the best, focus on creating it in the favor of user. A user should relate your product or service as it suits best for him. Answer a typical user question on your landing page that why should a buy your product or service. Such kind of user relevant questions acts as the guiding light to user enter the sales funnel. 


Creating a super-attractive landing page is just not required to drive your sales. It is of the same importance to let them know what to perform next on your landing page. Your call-to-action should be easily visible, identifiable, effective and appear throughout your landing page. Use colors that are winners in seizing the user-attention, use a contrasting color of your landing page color scheme. Make your action words immediately effective, they should push the visitor to hit the CTA button on your landing page. Also keep them user-personalized, some phrase that user relates in a higher way. 

Know what’s working & what to be fixed 

Our digital marketing and sales conversion experts just don’t create an effective landing page and wait to see results. They constantly monitor the entire structure to check what is working on the landing page and what fails. After all, testing is always the best. Test every element of your landing page and update it as per the need. Testing gives you useful insights for future productions, carry a fair testing to get the ‘nailed-it’ outputs. 


The above Landing Page conversion tips we covered in the blog are our few of effective tried and tested tips. These tips will surely help you to create dynamic landing pages that convert high, and if you are looking for search engine marketing service, don’t hesitate to give us a try.