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Posted On : 4th October, 2021 by ViitorCloud

Netflix & Chill? Yup we all love Netflix and no wonder it is ​​the largest video streaming network in the world. Netflix has several million monthly active users and is ​​always on a go to improve the user experience. In fact, Netflix has also started using the Artificial Intelligence based recommendation system. With AI based system, Netflix gives content to its user according to their choices, making % based matches on the basis of user’s like and dislikes. Incredible right? Let’s know how Netflix is using Artificial Intelligence for Better Content Recommendation

What Netflix is using is termed as “The Data Recommend Engine” which is nothing but a tool to filter the data that automatically tracks the user’s interest, likes and curiosity and then recommends the content according to user’s history. This recommendation engine follows two approaches in which the first is a content-based approach, and the second is a collaborative approach. In both these approaches, the first approach tracks the activity of each user and recommends videos to him. And in the second approach, it tracks the data of a user and giving recommendations.

In 2014, a senior data scientist at Netflix said, about 75% of users prefer to watch only the content that the company recommends to them, Netflix wants to increase this number even more.

And today in fact Netflix has made its mark in the content recommendation, or rather, the symbol of content recommendation is Netflix. It is improving very fast to give an even better user experience.


DVD rental Company to Million $ Enterprise

In the early days, Randolph and Hastings tried to understand how users were interacting with rental DVDs. They tried to take maximum insights out of it. Fortunately, as technology progressed, collecting data and insights also became easier. Today, even after almost two decades, Netflix is ​​constantly improving itself on the basis of insights and data. Netflix is ​​constantly working on how to give the best service and experience to the customer.


Changes That Netflix Made

Most of the recommending systems adopt the method of taking a rating from 1 to 5 to get feedback from the user. But Netflix got rid of this method completely. Netflix decided that instead of taking user settings, it would take thumbs up, thumbs down impressions. And on this impression, itself, the percentage of user satisfaction will be extracted. So now the feedback started coming from the user in the form of yes and no, either he was liking the content or he was not liking the content.

Along with this, one of the reasons behind Netflix’s rapid growth is that it is now using more data for recommendations. Most of the recommendations are currently being given by Netflix according to global data. The recommendation is no longer limited to any region. This is the reason why Netflix is ​​making such rapid growth as compared to its competitors.



Best Use of AI at Netflix

  1. Thumbnail Personalization

    Thumbnail, which is increasingly in trend nowadays, means a lot to the user. Many users just decide by looking at the thumbnail whether watching this video will be suitable for them or not. With the passage of time, Netflix also understood that only titles are not enough, now creating attractive thumbnails is also very important to grab the attention of the user. Further thumbnails are recommended by algorithms. The algorithms that give the rest of the recommendations in the backend, the same algorithm also gives the recommendation of thumbnails.

  2. Optimal Streaming Quality

    Netflix has a monthly active user base of around 140 million. In such a situation, it becomes quite challenging to give great video quality to everyone at the same time. Netflix has improved itself a lot with the help of artificial intelligence. With the help of artificial intelligence, Netflix can now predict in advance how many users will be there in the future. Accordingly, it can improve more in technology. By pre-positioning video assets close to the subscribers, Netflix gives users a better video quality experience even at peak hours.

  3. Tailored Movies Recommendation

    Netflix recommends data to each user accordingly. Even if you have logged into the same Netflix account in two places, you will be recommended different content in both places. This is done by Artificial Intelligence. The algorithm collects the data and keeps learning on its own. The more time you spend on Netflix, the better content you get recommended. The cost of the Netflix recommendation engine is around $1 million for 1 year. And it is designed only to give a better experience to the customer.

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