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Posted On : 15th June, 2018 by ViitorCloud

Scalable and quick development solutions are necessary for businesses that seek competence in the current digital marketplace. Among many of reasons behind Node.JS popularity is the one we stated above. Node.JS is an open-source server-side scripting cross-platform. It’s the most suitable scaling platform, and this is another reason behind its popularity. The technology is widely used for networking and server-side application development. Node.JS is composed in JavaScript, which let the developers set up the whole website on an integrated JavaScript stack.

How to Choose the Right Backend Framework?

For any developer the first decision while beginning, the web development is to choose the right technology framework. The backend forms the base for the entire web development process and helps the team to take possible decisions regarding the estimation for the shortest duration in the time to market and expenses involved. A poorly designed backend can disrupt the entire development process while creating a flawed end-product. Further, if the backend is not intended the costs properly for maintenance are high and sometimes unbearable for the clients.

Post to a product’s launch the backend software determines its overall efficiency and performance. A developer must check the backend software for its scalability, speed, and reliability; it is extremely important. Making a wrong choice for scripting language accounts for the many website crashes, bugs and errors.

Node.JS as the secure, reliable & scalable backend solution for a business, see how:


In comparison to the other platform, Node.JS wins over Scalability. The Node.JS model is event-driven and non-blocking I/O, so while processing an I/O operation, the framework can handle the JavaScript requests. The technology backend framework in opposition to PHP’s event looping is based on a single-threaded model where each time it handles a request uses separate threads.

Higher Performance

The backend framework is incredibly fast and wins over all the expectations regarding speed from a JavaScript Tool. Node.JS is impressively applicable for the development of agile real-time apps. The fastest JavaScript engine, Google’s Chrome V8 attributes the speedy performance of Node.JS. The speedy performance of Node.JS in comparison to PHP can be noted by the higher number of HTTP request it handles per second and exceeds 17% in performance.

App Development

Node.JS is no doubt the king when it is about the app development, programming for developers is relatively easy as compared to other languages and frameworks. Node.JS allows cross-compilation for several languages like Java, Haskel, C# and more.

Real-Time Monitoring

For Businesses who constantly monitor their website visitors and seeks to know the way visitors interact with their website Hire a NodeJS Developer. This can help you keep track of your visitors for better chances of prospects.


Node.JS comes with the benefit of Node Package Manager, which is a shared library of the modules and tools. It is a collection of various well-tested and robust tools and frameworks like Express. Node Package Manager is the largest global package registry holding over 350,000 reusable and free code packages. Being an open source registry, the packages count has high chances to increase.


40% of the developer community today suggest the use of Node.JS, and among the enterprises, it is the prime choice for app development. It is gaining traction among the businesses, SMBs, and startups. The current industry need is an application which is speedy, secure, highly efficient and scalable. Node.JS unquestionably proves the one for the first choice of web app development.

If you seek to Hire NodeJS Developer, ensure of choosing an innovative web development company which will help you surmount the ever-challenging web world.