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Posted On : 17th July, 2021 by ViitorCloud

In today’s era, technology is playing a major role in our lives. Tech developers are making enhancements to provide more flexibility in our lives and businesses. To leverage web apps’ full benefits, it is essential to choose a relevant programming
language as per your needs.

Choosing a perfect coding language for project development is vital to making your business successful. However, there are lots of things to consider while choosing a language for app development.

If you are a beginner in web development, the decision becomes more typical to make a perfect choice and start the development process. Either you are a developer who wants to decide on a language for your web development or an entrepreneur who needs the best-suited language for your company website, then you both are at the right place.

Here Java and PHP both offer lots of features and development benefits to the developers. While all technologies have their pros and cons, Java and PHP are both the rulers in the web development arena.

According to Statista, “In early 2019, Java recorded as the top programming languages, and 42% developers used Java for different web development projects whereas PHP had its presence at 26.4%.


So which language is better between Java and PHP? Let’s go deep into this discussion:

  1. Origin and meaning

    Java is a client-side as well as server-side language launched in 1996. Initially, it was developed to support embedded devices, but now Java is everywhere, and one of the biggest examples of Java in our daily lives is our Android device running on Java.

    Java is a full-fledged package to develop web apps. Java’s interpreter improves apps’ speed, performance and makes them run efficiently on different operating systems. To benefit your business with Java, you should hire Java developer.It would be the best bet to grow your business in less and effort.

    PHP is a server-side scripting language. PHP came into existence in 1995 and has covered the lion’s share of the web development arena now. This is one of the fastest programming languages used for creating high-quality dynamic web pages.

    PHP offers a wide range of frameworks like Laravel and others that are used for creating responsive websites. All PHP frameworks are highly productive and offer flexibility to the developers. PHP is quite a cost-effective option for developing websites quickly.

  2. Community support

    Both PHP and Java are widely used and well-known languages for web app development. We know that codes are the backbone of any app development task. Making a wrong selection can cost a lot and may spoil your whole project plan.

    Many developers globally use Java, so; it offers massive community support to resolve the issues and give the solutions to developers.

    Whereas PHP also has huge community support. Therefore, if you want to choose PHP for your app development project, go for it, however, and make sure that it can fulfill your business goals.

  3. Popularity

    Both languages are highly popular among developers across the world. PHP and Java are both used globally. However, some studies show that PHP is superior to Java in popularity as 79% of websites are created using PHP.


Java and PHP both offer lots of features to support app development and deliver highly customized and suitable solutions to the users. You should choose the best to get the desired outcomes for your business.



Let’s check some of the featured differences:

  1. Code execution

    Java code is compiled into bytecodes. Java uses JVM (Java Virtual Machine), which runs the compiled Java bytecodes smoothly.

    On the other side, PHP code is executed in different ways as they can integrate PHP code in HTML code by using scripting tags. Also, they can execute PHP codes by utilizing a suitable content management system.

  2. Development time and cost

    What is an essential factor for a business owner for app development? Isn’t it the cost? Of course, every entrepreneur always looks for a cost-effective and time-savvy development solution.

    Choose Java when the time and cost is not a big concern for you as it can’t fulfill your app development needs quickly. However, if you hire PHP developer, they can help you get a perfect solution in less time and at budget-friendly prices.

    For some projects, Java is a perfect choice; however, the language selection is based on your project needs in terms of development time and cost.

  3. Performance

    In terms of performance factors, undoubtedly, Java is the winner between PHP and Java. Because Java is precompiled, whereas PHP requires time to compile the code into bytecodes. Optimization is required and essential; however, Java seems more advantageous in this too.

  4. Language Tool

    Again Java is richer in editing tools, debugging tools, and packing tools than PHP. All these tools offer more advantages to developers. Java has IDEs such as Eclipse, Netbeans, etc., which assist developers in getting a better environment for app development. Also, editors like Notepad++ are a plus one.

    On the other hand, PHP only uses packaging files and doesn’t provide the same debugging tools to the developers. But for some web apps, PHP is superior to Java.

Here it is not easy to decide which is better between PHP and Java. Both offer a varied number of advantages to the developers. Also, the selection between both languages relies on your project needs and business goals.

It is an endless debate, so just set your project requirements and choose a language that suits your needs.