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Posted On : 9th July, 2021 by ViitorCloud

Laravel has emerged as a trailblazing framework having wide popularity and use across the world. As one of the best PHP frameworks, Laravel assists developers in framing custom-made web applications using an agile development methodology.

The growing popularity of this framework is due to its simple syntax, features it offers, and ease of development. Web developers worldwide rely on Laravel to easily craft web development solutions and solve competitive tasks with custom functions quickly.

It saves a lot of time for businesses which they can utilize in enhancing their core business activities. Laravel makes web development easier and cost-effective.

The usage statistics show that 1,293,308 websites are Laravel customers on the web and 639,709 live websites using Laravel, and 653,599 sites used Laravel historically.

Like other PHP frameworks, Laravel offers lots of features to quick and smooth web development. However, it also assists developers in writing clean, reusable, and structured code.

Additionally, Laravel is the best bet for app development as it offers development tools and a wide list of advanced features.


Know the top features for the immense popularity of the Laravel framework:

  1. Blade Template Engine

    Like other PHP frameworks, Laravel also supports MVC (Model-View-Controller) design standards. It simplifies the development of large and complex enterprise-level applications by keeping their business logic layers and user interface separate.

    Simultaneously, Laravel also offers BTE (Blade Template Engine). You can easily leverage the advantage of Blade if you hire best Laravel developer. Blade helps you include the website’s performance by compiling PHP code views and caching them until the views change.

    Blade Engine makes it feasible for you to extend layout and display data without compromising the app’s speed.

  2. Authentication Library

    Laravel is highly beneficial in different manners. First, it helps you build highly secure web apps by implementing authentication. Also, to implement authentication libraries and services, you have a way to control the behavior of standalone authentication services just by making required modifications to the configuration file.

    The authentication library comes with many security features, including cross-site request forgery (CSRF) prevention, login page, reset passwords, and data encryption.

  3. Eloquent ORM

    Laravel offers built-in Eloquent ORM to make your web development effective. The ORM system assists developers in working with databases via ActiveRecord implementation.

    Furthermore, it performs common database operations using the ORM. Hence, it helps you simplify the model and perform the required database operations without any need to write SQL queries.

    As a result, developers can easily leverage the advantage of database migration to synchronize databases performing various development platforms.

  4. Multiple File System

    Laravel comes with native support for various file systems via a 3rd party package named Flysystem. It enables developers to simplify and make configuration easier by using both cloud-based and local storage.

    With config.php or filesystems.php, you can also customize the configuration to make app development easier and consistent.

  5. Events

    Laravel offers events service for your app development task. It helps you modify and enhance the performance of an app using events.

    Developers also have options to utilize events for making class subscribe and listening to relevant events in your web app development. It assists developers in monitoring the events occurring on the website and performs required tasks for dedicated events.

    It also enables developers to add or remove the event tasks to be run on particular events by creating custom codes. The major advancements in this framework enable developers to define and modify the events as an object.

  6. Queues

    Laravel enables you to speed up and enhance the performance of app development using queues. Queues are used to postpone the execution of time-consuming or lengthy tasks.

    In this way, queues perform the less time-consuming tasks first and help you respond to your users quickly and more efficiently. Laravel version 5 allows queue tasks as command objects. Moreover, you can also embed the queues with IronMQ, Redis, Amazon SQS, and many other queuing services.

  7. Caching

    Caching is one of the top advantages offered with Laravel PHP development. It helps you accomplish the tasks like storing the data and objects in a file or database.

    You can also integrate different web frameworks easily with caching systems such as Memcached, APC, and Redis.

    In this way, Laravel helps you enhance your app’s performance, either large-scale and complex or small. However, to perform caching in a decent manner, you should hire Laravel developer.


  8. Route Middleware

    Laravel supports HTTP middleware. It offers extra security to your app by adding an extra layer to the HTTP route. It can also be used to execute specific routes in your web application more efficiently. Additionally, middleware enables you to test and delete all conventional layers and individual requests.

  9. Route Cache

    Laravel also offers a route cache. It allows developers to register different routes by utilizing a single artisan command. It also helps you deal with the websites having a large number of routes. Route cache helps you enhance your website performance by dealing with a higher number of routes.

  10. Unit Testing

    Through PHP Unit, you can perform unit testing to find out the errors and improve its functionality. It helps developers to perform unit testing and write test cases throughout the development. Laravel enables you to define custom test methods as per your project testing needs.

Indeed Laravel is one of the top PHP frameworks known for developing robust, secured, and compact web applications.

It comes with an array of features that enhance website performance, making customization and configuration easier to make the development easier and smooth. Further, it offers huge community support to resolve the issues effortlessly and in less time.