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Posted On : 12th March, 2021 by ViitorCloud

We realize that designing a website can be quite a task. There are billions of websites on the internet, but only a few of them are good. In this digitization era, people spend a lot of time surfing the net for various things like shopping, reading e-books and many other things. So a good website is essential to promote your business online. If you are you someone who is about to design a website to promote your product or service? Or do you want to update your old boring website? If that is so, then this blog is just the right one for you.

Do you know that there is no need for you to spend thousands of dollars on developing a fancy website?

A fancy website with a not so good structure and usability will do nothing to improve your conversion rate. A majority of the customers claim to reject a website due to its poor design. A good website is the one which can help you communicate your service, product or message with your audience. Websites with simple webpages and no irrelevant data and functionality that may divert the user are the most effective ones. To create such a website, the designer needs to have a deep understanding of the human vision. In this mobile era, the website must be mobile-friendly. So, as a designer, you need to keep that in mind.

Investing in a good web design service can work wonders for your company’s or brand’s digital marketing strategy. Hire UI Designer now to design the perfect website for your brand.Applying the ten web design principles given below can make your website more engaging to the visitors.

  1. Purpose of your website should be clear.

    A good web design should always make the user experience better. All the relevant information about your brand should be easily accessible to visitors. They should get what they seek. Each link, menu or button must take the visitor to his/ her expected destination without confusion. Every page on your website should have a well-defined purpose. A fancy and attractive website may fail to impress its visitors if it does not have a clear purpose insight.

    Your web designer should put forth a web design layout that gives a clear understanding of your brand. That will make sure that the web site visitors have a clear understanding of the services you offer when they browse it. A well-defined purpose is what builds a brand-client relationship.

  2. Clear communication.

    Who doesn’t appreciate a clear communication?

    A website needs to communicate effectively with its visitors.Everyone prefers easily accessible information. A website which can easily communicate with its visitors will generate a lot of traffic. It should give any visitor a clear idea of its services or products. So you must include proper and relevant headings, bullet points, self-explanatory images, videos and appealing phrases. Long sentences are never good, so you must avoid using them on your website.

    You should consider adding an FAQ page which will solve a majority of your visitors’ queries. FAQ pages provide basic information to the visitors so they don’t have to email or contact you regarding it.

  3. Design consistency.

    You should be careful while selecting a design template for your website. Many design styles are available and you can choose anyone you like. But keep in mind that the style you choose will reflect a lot about you and your brand. So choose a good design template for your website.

    Your overall website design must have a specific template. The font, size, colour combinations, buttons and everything should look the same. A visitor must not feel that he/she has landed on some other website when they shift through various tabs on your website. Design consistency means sticking to the same design template for your entire website.

  4. F-Pattern design

    Studies have shown that people scan the computer or mobile screen in an “F” pattern. Generally, people see the top and left-hand side of the screen and overlook the right side. That is the F-pattern and web designers build the website design based on it. Accordingly, they place relevant information on the top or left side of the web page. That helps in getting the attention of the visitor to the important data.

    The F-shaped pattern in which the eyes scan the text from the upper left corner to the right one is a natural way of reading for a majority of the people.


  5. Optimized loading speed

    Nobody likes websites which take more than a few seconds to load any page. Your developer must take care that the website loads fast enough to keep the visitors from leaving your website due to slow speed.

    You can reduce the loading time of your webpages by optimizing the image sizes. Also, take appropriate steps to reduce the HTTP requests and compress HTML, CSS, JavaScript. All of this will effectively reduce the load time.

  6. Grid-based layout

    A grid-based web design provides a framework for arranging content properly. In such a design, usually, the images are given more importance as they can attract more audience as compared to the text. A good example of a grid-based layout is the ‘Pinterest app’.

    Randomly placed content, buttons, images or anything on your website will leave the visitors irritated. You must align all the content in a more user-friendly way to avoid the clutter. That way, users will be able to access what they want without effort and your website will look more elegant and good. A grid-based layout arranges all the content in blocks that provides a general idea and enhances communication. The website looks more structured and organized.

  7. Typography

    Text is a vital element of the website that gives the necessary information to the visitors. SEO crawlers must be able to make sense of this text. For that, you should use the right set of keywords and meta-data.

    Also, the visitors must find the text readable, to understand what your brand has to offer. You must take care that the text is visually attractive and appealing. Font styles such as Arial and Helvetica are easier to read and hence used widely. Along with the font style, you should choose the perfect size and colour for the text so that it is readable on multiple screen sizes.

  8. Quality content

    It is through text, images, videos and taglines that your site visitors will get information about your brand/business. Quality of the content that you put is what matters the most. It is something that will make or break your brand image. Content is what will drive visitors to your website. It should be engaging and informative. The user must get the data he/ she is looking for on your website through your content. How you put your content is something you must look after with care. It should be relevant, crisp, simple and most importantly it should not confuse the visitors.

  9. Navigation

    Navigation on your website must be easy for the visitor. If the visitor does not understand the structure of your website, he/ she will leave. You must develop the website, keeping the visitor in mind. Ensure that the visitor has no problem browsing through your web pages.

    You need to decide what data you need to put up on a separate page of your website. Also, don’t create unnecessary pages as that will confuse the visitors. A sitemap will be of great help, think of putting it on your landing page. It is helpful for both search engines and human visitors.

  10. Mobile friendly

    It is common for people to access websites using their phones or tablets. Every person has a different sized screen. So it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly website. With more users accessing websites from their smartphones, you should have a responsive design in place. A responsive web design will adjust to every screen. That will help the visitors access the same website from their mobile phones. Many countries around the globe Hire UX Designer India as they provide quality service at an affordable rate.

    With these ten principles, you can build a functional website. They will help you design a website that will engage a visitor and encourage them to take action. Investing in a good web design service can work wonders for your company’s or brand’s digital marketing strategy.