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Posted On : 8th June, 2021 by ViitorCloud

PWA or Progressive Web Apps are web applications relied on standard web technologies and tools and the latest JavaScript features. This tremendous combination of powerful technologies enables developers to build super-fast web pages with PWA, which offers increased conversion rates, enhanced user experience, and high visitor engagement.

Moreover, PWA acts as the bridge between mobile apps and responsive web apps. It is a good-to-go technology in order to enhance the basic understanding of web pages. PWAs can be easily saved on native iOS or Android app.

Developers across the world has pointed the huge potential of Progressive Web Apps in today’s web arena. One of the biggest benefits of PWA is it enables users to buy devices across connections, operating systems and devices.

According to Statista, “A global survey of eCommerce decision-makers held in October 2019 uncovered that 24% of eCommerce companies decided on investing a good amount in PWA (Progressive Web Apps) in 2020.

Moreover, 11% of eCommerce industries claimed that they have already adopted PWA, and 29% reported that they did not invest in PWA in 2020.”


Know more about Progressive Web Apps?


In 2015, Google released Progressive Web Application. It is a technology that combines the app functionality into a website. You don’t need to download PWA to use it; it can be easily installed on a desktop or smartphone directly from the browser.

PWAs are mobile apps that easily load and run in a web browser. It is a modern technology in today’s web arena. However, to leverage PWA’s full potential and benefits, you need to hire progressive web apps developer India.

According to an analysis by Emergent Research, “The global progressive web application market is predicted to achieve USD 10.44 Billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 31.9%.

Undoubtedly, PWA is one of the modern app development trends with web technologies. It helps developers in different manners, like creating a more engaging mobile experience.


Features of PWA:

   ● Fast loading

   ● Enhanced safety

   ● Push notifications

   ● Provides Offline support

   ● Load and run on any device, either it is mobile or desktop.


Let’s check the top 10 PWA benefits to boost your business:

  1. Low development costs

    With PWAs, there is no need to have different versions for multiple devices and operating systems. With a single PWAs, you can easily meet your cross-platform requirements.

    In this way, PWAs decreases the development cost and amount of time required to create the app. The cost of app development using PWA is three to four times less than creating a native app for similar requirements.

  2. Supported by Google

    As stated earlier, PWAs were introduced by Google, so; there is huge support you get from Google while using PWAs. Google is also focusing more on mobile-first indexing, so PWA is the best bet to get huge exposure for your business.

  3. High Performance

    PWAs are very fast. They offer very high performance to developers and users as well. Fast pre-load making it a perfect choice when required by users without downloading anything.


  4. Push notifications

    Lots of statistics show that users like to read push notifications over emails. Push notifications give quick information regarding the updates, offers and promotions. Push notifications are time savvy to the app users. To integrate push notifications in your app, hire progressive web apps developer.

  5. Lightweight

    PWAs are very lightweight. It benefits both the businesses and the users. PWA consumes less space in memory without affecting apps’ quality and functionality on the user’s device. Moreover, lightweight apps load easily, even in slow internet connectivity.

  6. No updates required

    Normally the native apps we have in our smartphones get updated automatically. Often these apps receive updates through a mobile network or Wi-Fi connection. Updating apps using mobile internet consume a huge amount of data, which is expensive and not more effective for all areas.

    Here PWAs help you without any such issues. With PWAs, apps only get updated when the user uses them. It saves lots of data, time and enhances your business growth.

  7. Security

    Security is one of the vital factors for all users. PWA offer more security as it relies on HTTP protocol instead of less secure HTTP. It helps to stop snooping and content tampering.

    Additional security is offered to the uses while using Web Bluetooth technology. It increases users’trust in your app, retention rates and engagement.

  8. Application resemblance

    Another benefit of using PWA is that it brings the frame of a real app. Still, it is mixed with lots of old apps blended with access to the database and dynamic data.

    Additionally, it enhances the user experience from the service provider side.

  9. Uninterrupted offline work

    PWA is quite different from traditional websites, which can’t be accessed if the user doesn’t have an internet connection. It is one of the best features of using PWAs.

    Retailers can access their product catalogues; manufacturers can access their stocks in offline mode.

  10. App store independent

    PWAs big benefit is these are store-independent. It is really good news for independent app developers, small business and startups as they don’t need to pay an annual fee on app stores to get the app live and published.

Progressive web apps mix up the robust functionalities and features of websites and native mobile apps. This is lightweight, store independent, cross-browser compatible, cost-saving, cross-device, secure, support push notifications and much more. These help in decreasing bounce rate, boost customer loyalty, improve user retention and enhance user experience.