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Posted On : 16th February, 2021 by ViitorCloud

There are many JavaScript libraries to choose from. React.js and Node.js have widely used JavaScript libraries for web development applications. Both are high performing scripts yet are technically different. Comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges, 2 different things. Web developers often wonder as to which one they should use for their next JavaScript project. So, let’s first understand what React.js and Node.js are, and then we can decide which one is better.


What is React.js?

It is a high performing open-source front end JavaScript library that aids in building user interfaces for web applications in a structured manner. This was used for developing both Facebook and Instagram applications. It improves speed and provides a dependable platform to serve the front-end.


Key features of React.js

  • SEO friendly: It provides code from the server right to the browser, as a regular web page, and thus, Google does not struggle to read your JavaScript-heavy web app.

  • Better performance: Improved application performance as React uses DOM i.e. document object model.

  • Smaller reusable codes: You can write small pieces of code that can do more and are also reusable.

  • Provision of support for both client and server.

  • Smooth design interfaces.

  • Faster debugging makes it easier for developers.

  • Can be used to develop UI for apps on both IOS & Android platforms.


Shortcomings of React.js

  • Complex language for developers to learn from scratch and master as it uses JSX which mixes HTML with JavaScript.

  • Difficult for developers to keep pace with the constant release of new tools and technologies.



What is Node.js?

It is an open-source library that runs on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix and many others meant for server-side programming that enables you to develop web applications rapidly. It is powered by Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and is effective & lightweight. This is due to the fact that it uses an event-driven & non-blocking I/O architecture. Developers use it for hosting APIs, serving HTTP requests, and accessing the database.


Key features of Node.js

  • Supports real-time development of web applications.

  • Has thousands of package modules that make it quite extensible.

  • You can convert the JavaScript code into a machine code using Google’s V8 JavaScript engine.

  • Retrieve data from different multiple sources with different response times.

  • Lesser constraints when it comes to development.

  • Simplifies the scaling of applications in horizontal and vertical directions.

  • Offers community support to the developers.

  • Comparatively simpler for developers to learn and master.


Shortcomings of Node.js

  • The absence of a rich library system limits developers from implementing common programming tasks.

  • The API of Node changes quite frequently and is unstable due to which Node.js can be challenging working with.

  • It does not support multi-threaded programming and lines up all the incoming requests and carries them out separately. This leads to an increase in the time required for an application to respond to user requests. Thus, the development of large & complex applications using Node.js is not feasible.


Which of the two is Better?

Both Node.js and React.js are highly popular modern technologies backed by a huge community. Whether you should hire a React JS Developer or hire a Node JS Developer depends on certain things. As a rule of thumb, you hire React JS Developer when you want to create a front-end application whereas, you hire Node JS Developer when the back end is your domain.

With React.js you need to write less code and it even performs better due to DOM. Node.js You can also use both technologies for your web applications. The front end of the web applications can be created using React.js and the back-end with Node.js, just the way Netflix did. Hence the choice of JavaScript depends on your needs and requirements.