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Posted On : 18th October, 2021 by ViitorCloud

PHP is an open-source scripting language through which we can create dynamic web applications. We have many frameworks available to use with PHP, Laravel is one of them. PHP is also used as a general-purpose programming language. Many big websites like Facebook, WordPress, etc. use this technology. With the help of a framework in any technology, it becomes much easier to work with. Today we will know why Laravel is becoming the first choice of PHP developers. So let’s get started.


What is Laravel?

Laravel is a framework that is built on PHP. It is open-source i.e. it is available to use for free. With its help, we can easily create high-end web applications. The Laravel follows the architecture of the model view controller. Apart from being open source, it gives us many other great features which make it the first choice of a PHP developer. In this, we get many tools available, and features like routing, template, and robust are also available.


Reasons PHP Developers Love Using Laravel

The developers of PHP nowadays prefer to use Laravel mostly. The main reason behind this is the great features and facilities offered by it. Let us know about the main reasons due to which it is liked so much.

  1. Community & Support

    When a new technology comes, there are some drawbacks to it as well. But despite that, Laravel is taking very fast growth for the last several years. This means that they have such a team of professional coders who make solutions and provide them to us immediately. Not only this, but their community system is also so supportive that when we tell any of our problems there, we get its solution within a short time. This makes it easy to work with it and the solution to the problem is also found immediately.

  2. Ease of Use

    The main role that plays in the attraction and popularity of any programming language is its ease of use. Laravel is very easy to use and the syntax for writing code in it is also very easy. With this, even an inexperienced programmer can easily understand by doing a little hard work. Its architecture is based on a model view controller which makes it even more elegant and reliable.

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  4. Security

    Checking the security plays the most important role before using any website framework. Laravel’s in-built CSRF token protects us from any type of cybersecurity attack like SQL injection etc. Its framework also comes with security ecosystem community support and a video guide, which is very useful for the developer.

  5. MVC Architecture

    The most important thing about this web framework is that it is based on model view and controller architecture. Its expressive and beautiful syntax makes it even more spectacular and object-oriented. Model View Controller is very much in vogue these days and because it is also based on it, it becomes even more important to use it. In this, we also get great features like built-in authorization and authentication.

  6. Advance Integrated Feature

    Apart from being easy to code, it has many other great features, one of which is Integrating code with an application. By writing a few lines of code, we can easily integrate any code with the application. With the help of the array of packages provided in Laravel, the developer can easily design a great web application.