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Posted On : 12th August, 2015 by ViitorCloud

Sunder Pichai, an Indian origin IITian was named as the CEO of Google recently by the founders of the company Sergey Brin and Larry Page. This top level change was the result of a re-structuring under which the techs Giant Google segregated its businesses and create a mother company, which has been named as Alphabet.

Pichai hails from Chennai and completed his bachelors from IIT Kharagpur, after which he went to Stanford and Wharton. He will soon take charge of the slimmed down Google, which is even been called as Google Minus. The Google Minus will be stripped off some companies which have been functioning under it and are quite far afield from the Google’s cardinal internet products and offerings. All the other companies which Google will trim down will be transferred under the new created set-up Alphabet and Larry Page will be the CEO of Alphabet.

Alphabet will include several units besides Google and these subsume Calico that focuses on Longevity, X-lab that is renowned for incubating the new efforts like Wing and drone delivery effort of Google, along with the unit which is working on the development of the smart contact lens which detects the levels of blood sugar. Alphabet will also encompass the investment arms of the Google, Ventures and Capital.

Larry Page, in a recent Press Meet conducted said that we have long believed the fact that companies tend to become more comfortable doing the iterative efforts over time and in being indulged in the same operations while making incremental changes in the offerings. However, the technology industry differs as it is driven by the revolutionary and innovative ideas and thus, you need to stay little uncomfortable in order to stay relevant+ and contribute positively to the society and the users. The new structural changes made in Google and the introduction of Alphabet will help us stay tuned to newer developments by focusing on the extraordinary opportunities.