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Posted On : 6th December, 2017 by ViitorCloud

2018 is pretty close, like your competitors, you too must be planning to grow your business website. Well, it is a very high time to think and act. With the beginning of 2018, you have to grab every single opportunity that benefits the progress of your business. UI/UX holds a lot of weight today, and your business in order to stay ahead of the curve must align with the below 2018’s UI/UX trends.

The web designing industry is incredibly dynamic. Remaining up-to-date with the latest trend is essential. Below are some of the UI/UX design trends that mostly are expected to drive the traffic to your website in 2018:

Mobile-First Design:

As the numbers of mobile users are increasing, the mobile-first design now is a priority. The purpose is to design the website for the little screen and then taking it to the extra wide screen like tablets and PCs.

Doing so benefits a lot. To start with, it involves less time when designing for the little screen. Following, once a mobile design is created, you can incorporate as many features as required in the wider screen alternatives.

Content-Focused Designs:

Mobile-first designs are not just going to be the future of UI/UX designing. Various others are available with a knack to become the next big thing. One such 2018’s trend are content-focused designs. Content quality possesses utmost value. It’s alone capable of changing the client’s viewpoint towards your business and can further convert them. Eventually, it can furthermore help your business website magically scale Google’s search ranking. Acknowledging this, business people are looking for designs that match the designer’s creativity with an incredible communication skill of a writer. Consequently, content-focused deigns are in huge demands these days. Very soon, this trend will be an inevitable part of web designing.

Voice UI/UX:

The reason for Voice UI trend is very general. Voice integration makes your user interaction & experience all the more advancing. It appears like a tour guide is guiding you on the visit. The trend is soon supposed to grow as a game changer in 2018. Gradually voice UI/UX is turning into a reality as a lot of website owners are implementing this technology in their websites and applications.

Parallax Scrolling:

The notion of Parallax Scrolling is particularly wondrous. Whenever a client scrolls in a website, they get to see something new. In this manner, you can communicate your message easily to the clients while not interrupting their experience. Additionally, you can also execute as many effects as you desire. Parallax Scrolling is greatly known for reducing the bounce rate.

Custom Typography:

Typography helps you to enhance the brand personality. Typography performs a vital function in the UI design, mainly when it is about message delivery in a flexible and small way. It’s very inept if your visitors need to peep to read their favorite content.


The world is speeding towards a prospect where the brand, company or a product presence is the most powerful thing people can do to maintain and lure new customers. Interfaces are fading and business models are shifting to UI/UX design services adapted models that increase the engagement and relationships businesses hold with their buyers.

Subsequently, businesses must start embracing the trends that improve what and how they offer.