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Posted On : 3rd December, 2021 by ViitorCloud

If you are involved in game development, you probably know the Unreal Engine and how it is overtaking the whole gaming industry and taking it to the next level of tech evolution. Before talking about the uses of Unreal Engine, we will help you know what Unreal Engine is.

Unreal Engine is built by Epic Games. It was first created for first-person shooters, and it has been used in various gaming genres, including RPGs, fighting games, MMORPGs, platformers, and others. It is written in C++; therefore, it supports multiple platforms and offers several features to enable high portability.

It is a perfect blend of development tools for building everything from free hits to superb franchises. As a renowned and widely used solution, Unreal Engine offers proven performance and high quality to deliver fantastic game projects to people.


Unreal Engine in Video games

Unreal Engine offers almost everything required for the development and delivery of a successful game. It enables developers to provide location-based and multi-platform games for any genre, with multiple out-of-the-box features and tools.

With Blueprint visual scripting, C++ APIR,s and free access to source code empower developers to create games of all genres from easy and small to high-quality AAA games.

Indeed, it is constantly growing and creating different tools because the developers at EPIC Games utilize them to frame award-winning and highly intuitive content. Unreal has been serving developers as a reliable and effective game engine globally for more than two decades.


What’s so Good About Unreal Engine?

Several factors make Unreal Engine unique and perfect for game development. It offers several features and tools that are not available in other development engines. Indeed game development is a long and complex process as it involves several stages.

  1. Full Access to the Source Code

    Even though Unreal Engine contains a new visual scripting language, developers need to utilize some traditional language to make a game successful. Epic Games also released the full source of this game engine.

    This is a well-written C++ code, freely available on Github. So, developers and other users can easily learn, edit, and update the code to customize their development
    and create their tools.

    In this way, developers get full control over the game development process. Epic Games is committed to making sure game developers get access to all tools required for their projects.

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  3. Unreal Engine 4 is Free

    Yes, it is correct. Unreal Engine is now free for developers, including all its future updates as long as you don’t have any issues in paying 5% loyalty on total revenue after the initial $3000 every release per quarter.

  4. Graphical Capabilities

    When we talk about graphics capabilities, Unreal Engine is indeed a next-level game engine. It enables developers with powerful graphical capabilities.

    You can see highly intuitive graphics with advanced dynamic lighting and complex particle simulations after the product’s release. It offers the capability to create 2D and 3D and enables developers to increase graphics further whenever required.

  5. Scope

    Undoubtedly Unreal Engine has huge and sustainable scope in the gaming industry. It helps developers to perform multiple activities using several features and tools. It is gaining huge popularity and demand in the gaming arena.

  6. A Dedicated Community

    Finding answers to your query while working within a game is very complex. But, there is a different scenario with Unreal Engine because it has huge community support.

    A dedicated community of game developers is always available to help you find the best answers to problems. Additionally, Epic Games has made the source code accessible and easy to find so you can understand everything effortlessly.

    Epic Games has also built a robust environment to educate its developers and users via forums, an extensive library, and videos. They have also built a support page having several answers to users’ queries, termed as AnswerHub. You can showcase your work and find the best answers and suggestions to your development issues through forums.


Final words

Finally, we can say that Unreal Engine is full of features, tools, and other advantages. It is highly supportive and helpful for game developers. It is a powerful piece of software that enables you to turn your game ideas into reality and take them to the next level.