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Posted On : 24th December, 2021 by ViitorCloud

In today’s digital world, you can adopt many ways to grow your business. But by using the website, the business can be promoted easily and at a low cost. This is the most modern method, and with its help, we also get to see manifold growth in the business. There can be many reasons behind updating a website, the main reason being the following:

  • Modern design
  • Marketing changes
  • Changes based on user interface and usability


So let’s start first, why do we need to update our website based on the design.

  1. Appealing Design

    Whenever someone comes to your website, they should like to see the website. The design of the website should be so attractive that he wants to spend maximum time on the website. If your website will be based on a good design and giving good information along with professional-looking, then your brand image will be formed as an authority in the mind of the visitor. But if the design of your website will be old and if your website is outdated then they will start making assumptions about you.

    Therefore, we should take great care that our website is updated and is providing accurate information. This gives us branding, it can make or break our brand. That is why it is very important to have an appealing website design.

  2. Mobile Responsive Design

    Nowadays all the visitors spend most of their time on mobile phones. According to a survey, the average time-spending time of every person on mobile is 4 hours. Which will gradually increase to 6 to 7 hours. That is why it is very important for us to make our website responsive. Our website should automatically adjust according to the size of the screen open on any device. This feature helps us to grow our business faster and create a professional image.

    If your website is old then it may not be mobile responsive. Therefore, you should immediately update your website and make it mobile responsive.

  3. Web Technology and Coding

    Which web technology you have created your website using, this thing also needs a lot of attention. Does your technology meet web standards? Is your website browser compatible? Is the version of the technology using which you built your website updated or is it outdated? All these little things have a huge impact. Therefore, keep in mind that your web technology is updated so that a better user experience is available, and no errors of any kind come on the browser.

    Now, let us see why you need to update your website in terms of marketing.

  4. Hidden Commands CTA

    Only you have control over how creatively and smartly you write the content on your website. You have to understand the psychology of the customer and give some hidden commands and call-to-action on your website. So that they do not even get to know consciously and also want to use them by being attractive towards your services. This type of call-to-action and hidden commands prove to be very helpful in helping your business grow.

    There may not be such call-to-action and hidden commands on your website right now. That’s why you should update your website today and add all these things. After this, you will feel that your business has started growing rapidly.

  5. Measuring Results

    Right now your website may not be integrated with such a tool so that you can get accurate information about the performance of your website. You should update your website and connect all those tools with your website so that you can get accurate information about your user. There are many such tools available today, with the help of which you can easily find out the average spending time of the user, location, device, bounce rate, and many other things very easily. With this, you get to know about the shortcomings of your website and you can make changes in them even faster so that you can grow rapidly.

  6. SEO & Website Updation

    Without Search Engine Optimization your website is almost just a name. Search Engine Optimization helps to rank your website at the top of Google. It should be done with a lot of understanding and from a good place. Chances are high that search engine optimization on your website may have happened long ago or may not have been done so well. Get your website audited today and optimize it and make it search engine friendly.

    This will help you to be ranked on the search engines and your business will start appearing at the top compared to the rest of the businesses. A good search engine optimization can give you a growth manifold. Although Search Engine Optimization may take a few months to be implemented, after that it keeps on getting results.

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  8. Content

    There is no doubt that the first impression is made in visitors’ minds only after seeing the design of your website. But the visitor who has come to your website to take some information will want to read the content written on your website. It doesn’t matter what your design is like. For similar users, if your contact is not providing a piece of great information then they will never visit your website again.

    That’s why you have to write the content on your website well which provides valuable information. The visitor who once read your content should come for the second time to read your content. This will be possible only when you will be able to give them the solution to their problem in the right way and easy language. Therefore, you need to get your website updated even to update the content.

    What changes should we make to our website based on usability? let us now look at them.

  9. Easy Navigation

    Some websites are made so difficult that the user does not understand how to navigate through them. After that either he stops visiting that website or he exits it. To avoid such problems, we should keep the navigation of our website very easy so that anyone can understand. The navigation of the website should be designed keeping the user in mind and not on its own. Good navigation also helps us to make the user feel better.
    So if your website does not have good navigation then update your website today and add a better navigating to it.

  10. Bounce Rate

    This is the most critical part of the website. Usually, we do not pay much attention to the bounce rate of the website. But it is very important in terms of search engine optimization and terms of Google ranking. Bounce rate is mainly measured by how much time visitors are spending on your website. If your bounce rate is too high then it is not good for your website. The lower your bounce rate, the better it will be for your website.

    There are many changes you can make to your website to make your bounce rate favorable. You have to get your website audited and find out why visitors come to your website and exit soon. After this, you can control your bounce rate by making changes to your website accordingly.

  11. Website Speed

    What we need to pay the most attention to is the time it takes for your website to load. According to a survey, if your website is taking more than 3 seconds then the user will switch. Your website should load immediately so that the user does not have to wait. For this, you can update your website and make necessary changes to it.

    However, your website needs to be fast even in terms of search engine optimization. If your website takes time to load then it is not a good signal for search engines. Pay attention to the speed of your website and try to load it as quickly as possible in a few milliseconds to 1-2 seconds.



In a nutshell, the above information highlights all the main points that are very important to have on your website. Usually, we leave our website once built and do not think it right to pay that much attention to it. This can be very harmful to our business. The website should be updated from time to time so that our branding is also good and we also get growth in the business. We hope that you have liked this information and you will implement it in your business immediately.