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Posted On : 10th December, 2015 by ViitorCloud

Nowadays, Android smartphones come up with lots of features in very affordable cost but many of their features remain unused because of number of reasons like:

  • Mobile phone users are not bothered to use them. They simply ignore such features.
  • Users are afraid to use them.
  • Users don’t have idea how to use them.

Here, we are going to list and explain such features in detail so you can your Android smartphone more smartly: (Note: Feature availability is subject to version of Android OS.)

1) Manage Notifications from Drop Down Notification Bar

By default, notifications are turned on for almost all apps so whenever you turn on internet, your drop-down notification bar would be filled with so many notifications. Some of the notifications are useful but It may become irritating for you to swipe and disappear every individual notification. You can always turn-off or manage notifications for particular app by going to the settings -> Apps.

There is one short-cut of doing so. Whenever you get any unwanted notification in the drop down notification bar, Tap and hold on that notification. It will enable a setting icon next to the notification, you can tap on an icon to open up the Notification settings of that particular app. From there, you can manage notifications of particular app easily so, manage your app notifications using this method in real time so you will never get same type of notification again in the drop down notification bar.

2) Use Smart Lock for Smart Security Features

It is recommended to use a lock screen password to protect your private information within smartphone. Sometimes, It gets very tedious to enter password each time. Using smart lock feature, you can add your home location to trusted places so you don’t need to enter password when you are at your home.

You can access smart lock feature by going to Settings -> Security -> Smart Lock.

3) Find Silent Mode Phone

It is very hard to find misplaced mobile phone when it is on silent mode as calling from another number would not help in such case. Don’t worry, If this will happen to you. Whenever you don’t find misplaced smartphone of yours after so many efforts, just go to http:android.comdevicemanager and login with the same Google ID as the phone.

You can view the location of your smartphone on browser window. You can also able to send a signal to your smartphone to ring loudly even in the silent mode.

4) Increase Speed of Interface

Are you not satisfied with speed of your smartphone interface? It is very easy to improve it by following some simple steps, Just go to Settings -> Developer Options -> Window and Transition Animation Scale.

Here, you can set value of animation to increase the speed. By default, its value is 1x, you may reduce it to 0.5x or turn off animations to further increase the speed of interface.

5) Enable High Contrast Text

Having difficulty to read text on a mobile phone screen? Sometimes, light grey text merge with the background which makes it difficult to read. There is a solution of this problem. Go to Setttings -> Accessibility and enable the check-box of High contrast text and Large text.

Do you know any such less used feature of Android devices? Let us know in comments!