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Posted On : 15th February, 2021 by ViitorCloud

A lot of people across the globe prefer to buy online. While some are extremely busy that they do not get much time to walk into the stores for conventional shopping while others argue that online shopping gives them the flexibility to easily compare prices and features before buying. Also, there are some people who believe online shopping not only saves time, but one can also get some amazing deals while buying online.

With “Online Shopping” becoming a prominent way of purchasing stuff throughout the world, the competition between various online shopping portals is becoming quite firm with each passing day. It has become more important than ever to be able to retain your customer base whilst attracting new shoppers if you are selling online.

Statistics show that the wholesome shopping experience is vital for the online shoppers and over 85% of people would look for alternate eCommerce portals after having an unpleasant experience on-site. At the same time, the online shopping portals that offer ease of buying and it’s easier to navigate or compare products perform better than their counterparts where it’s complicated to browse the website. Considering all these factors, it has become quite evident that the “User Experience” is one of the most important components of eCommerce portals and you can drive the sales by offering better user interface and experience to your patrons

Top “User Experience” Ideas to Enhance eCommerce Sales

Here are some amazing “User Experience” design ideas that you can leverage to boost your online sales

  1. Easy Navigation Through the eCommerce Website or Application

    Simple navigation is undoubtedly, the most significant aspect that cannot be overlooked. Who would like to check products or services on a website or app where it is really hard to browse. You’d never go wrong by categorizing your products and services under the right categories, subcategories and classifications which’ll make it easier for users to easily reach the right product category without requiring to browse several product listings.

    By adding the “Breadcrumbs” to different category pages you’ll make it really simple for your customers to easily narrow down the search and locate the required products in a shorter time span. Organized and efficient search will not just help your users but you as well, by effectively driving the sales.

    The product categories and sub categories should not just be self-explanatory but also it should be easier to expand them to see the list so that users can granulize their search. If you have not yet added the sub-categories and lists to your eCommerce app yet, then it’s the perfect time to hire UX developer and get this feature added to boost your sales.

  2. Simplified and Short Checkout Process

    No-one would like to miss an opportunity to sell after your potential customer has taken the decision to buy, just because of a lengthy and tedious checkout process.

    A lot of eCommerce stores experience high shopping cart abandonment, and if you have an alarming number of customers who add stuff in their cart but somehow don’t go ahead with the purchase, then you must carefully analyse your checkout process. If it is lengthy or time consuming, then hire UI UX developer to get it simplified.

    Sometimes, there are a lot of things that a user needs to do before checkout like adding the delivery address and other details, adding the financial details and much more which turn the whole online shopping experience into an unpleasant one.

    Few things that online store owners can consider to reduce the cart abandonment include:

    a. Always have a “Guest Checkout” option for people who want to finish the purchase without sharing their details.

    b. Ensure that your website or app remembers its customers/users and does not ask for the same details every time. Ecommerce sites should be able to securely store the personal information like delivery address, name, birth date etc. and should always prompt users if they want to save their card details too for faster checkout.

    c. Ensure that there’s always an option to go back from cart to “Continue Shopping” to make it easier for customers to add any product right before checkout

    d. Ensure that you do not collect any information that is not necessary at the time of checkout to ensure that your customers don’t get frustrated and distracted.

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  4. Create a Platform Independent eCommerce Solution

    If you want to boost your online store sales, you must offer a platform independent shopping experience. These days, people use a broad range of devices like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones and much more to do online shopping.Also, there are an array of mobile and computer Oss.

    So, one of the best ways to target a wider group of audience is by ensuring that your online store website/app offers consistent user experience across all types of devices and all sorts of screen dimensions. Delivering an outstanding display and platform optimized services is quite important to stay ahead of your competitors.

    Always hire UX developer who can create a remarkable shopping experience for all users irrespective of the device, or OS platform being used. A successful multi-channel eCommerce presence is essential to boost your sales.

  5. Focus on Personalization and Always Remember What Your Customers looked for last Time When they Browsed the eCommerce Website/Application

    One of the most efficacious ways to improve the user experience and achieving more sales is by remembering what the users were looking for last time they were on the website/app, and then sending them reminders about those products.

    The reminders can be sent when there’s a discount on the product that a customer is interested in or if more similar products are added to the catalogue. Also, you can hire UI UX developer to create a personalized digital experience for your patrons. This can include tracking what products one has bought or browsed in the past, and then offering them suggestions about similar products. For instance, if a user is browsing a blue cocktail dress, the suggestions can involve cocktail dresses in other colours or cocktail dresses in blue from other brands to widen the available options for your potential customer.

    Greeting users on their birthdays or special days, offering them customized discounts and seeking feedback on services will certainly enhance the wholesome shopping experience.

  6. Optimize the eCommerce Website/App Speed

    One of the factors that can overpower all the amazing features of your online store is a slow loading website or an app that takes forever to load the products.

    By deploying tools that can make the website lighter and easier to load and enhancing the page loading speed, you can drive more sales. As per the statistics, if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load the bounce rate can go over 30%.

    Always perform periodic checks on the website/app and indulge into regular maintenance to deliver incredible user experience to your existing/potential customers.