Laravel PHP Framework – Web App Development for Everyone

One of the crucial steps of creating a website is to choose the best framework for your web development and it also should include coding standards that are understandable and easy to use. Frameworks that are developed better make it easy for you to focus on other issues of your business rather than only technicalities.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a free, open-source, PHP web development framework used to create websites and web applications. Based on Symfony, Laravel follows Model-View-Controller architectural pattern.

Top features of Laravel

1. MVC Architecture 2. Eloquent ORM 3. Query Builder 4. Application logic 5. Blade

Statistics on Laravel Over the Years

Now let’s see why Laravel is so popular among developers Globally. Statistics always puts a stronger impression than words. 1. In 2022, this number was limited to 3,14,995 live websites. That means the popularity of Laravel has grown by 37% in a single year. 2. Top 10% of developers were using Laravel in 2022. 3. 18,535 Websites in India are currently using Laravel. 4. 38,351 Websites are spending more than 1000$ on Laravel

Benefits of Using Laravel

1. Simplicity 2. Flexibility 3. Security 4. Automated Testing 5. Cost of websites 6. Easy Maintenance 7. Website Performance 8. Third-party Integration

Top 5 Websites built using Laravel Framework

1. Invoice Ninja 2. Alison 3. Barchart 4. My Rank 5.

In current times, many companies are migrating to Laravel for web application development. Sure, it has some limitations but that should not stop you from doing any business. Also hiring a good Laravel developer will solve all your problems related to web development.