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Posted On : 16th June, 2021 by ViitorCloud

Did you ever discuss with someone regarding the best PHP framework? If yes, then you would know that CodeIgniter is the preferred one out of the many other PHP frameworks. It is generally the first choice of a majority of proficient website developers. In this blog, we explain to you why CodeIgniter is preferred by web developers over other PHP frameworks. We will share the benefits of using this framework and how it makes website programming and development easy for developers and programmers. Once you understand these things, you will get a better understanding of CodeIgniter’s scope. But first, let us understand the meaning of the CodeIgniter framework. That will help all beginners and new PHP developers understand it better.

CodeIgniter is an open-source framework. Web developers use it for developing websites easily and effectively. Also, this framework enables web developers to develop the website in a short time. We know that CodeIgniter is an MVC framework, but what does the word MVC mean? Well, it is the short form for Model View Controller.

   ● The ‘Model’ in it describes the data structure.

   ● ‘View’ presents the parts of the UI (User Interface).

   ● ‘Controller’ functions as the brain that takes care of the requests and links everything together.

Now that you have a brief understanding of the MVC framework, let us look at the reasons why you should Hire CodeIgniter developer for web development.


Codeigniter MVC framework is preferred over other PHP Frameworks:


  1. Faster web development.

    The best thing about CodeIgniter is that the execution time is very fast as the response of PHP is way quicker. No other PHP framework exists that can meet the execution speed of this framework. Faster implementation time along with a faster response makes this framework the best one. Hence, you see why developers and programmers prefer this PHP framework for web development projects over others.

  2. Management of files and folders.

    When you install CodeIgniter on your computer, there will be a folder that has many application files in it. It also consists of several sub-folders that serve as a model, config, view, etc. Hence, this enables you to focus on just one folder while developing any web project. With this framework, you can be sure that all the other files and subfolders will automatically be organized.

  3. Enhanced security.

    With WordPress& its plugin WooCommerce, you can build a good e-shopping experience for your online stores irrespective of their size. Build a swift and responsive e-store and ease the shopping experience of your customers. You can combine it with the right hosting that is performance-optimized specially designed to improve the performance. By using it with sub-standard hosting, you won’t be able to provide the right environment for getting a highly responsive environment.

  4. Easy Configuration.

    The simple configuration of this PHP framework makes it easier to use. For that, we only need to install it as per the configuration of your computer. If you wish to write a program on this PHP framework, you will have to run ‘config.php’. After that, you need to open the database and all arrays and save all of that at once. You don’t need to rewrite any database title all the time, you have to do it only once.

  5. It needs less coding.

    This framework requires web developers and programmers to write less code as compared to the other PHP frameworks. Writing less code saves a lot of time that goes into typing. Hence, the web development speed is also faster as compared to other frameworks. Also, there is absolutely no need to install a 3rd party library while working on a new project. This framework comes with a large set of default libraries that you can use for all your projects.

  6. Community support.

    This framework has a massive fan following throughout the globe. That’s why even if you are a beginner, you can get help from the community. The community members are helpful and they offer the help that you need. The more experienced developers and programmers are more than happy to share their learning and experience with the beginners on the forums and communities. So, you don’t have to worry even if you get stuck anywhere. You can follow any famous community and get your queries solved by experts. to install a 3rd party library while working on a new project. This framework comes with a large set of default libraries that you can use for all your projects.

  7. Cache class.

    For web development projects, a lot of customers like to generate a cache class. The reason that they prefer creating a cache class is that when they work on a new project later, they can get the desired results from it. Hence, they will not have to spend time executing the full code every time they click.


  8. A better approach to handling Errors

    Error handling has been a concern for web developers and programmers as a lot of time get wasted rectifying them at a later stage. But with CodeIgniter, this problem gets solved easily. If you write a line of code you can see the errors that it has then and there, right on your screen. Hence, it is easier to locate the errors and rectify them quickly.

  9. Easy to use templates.

    Currently, website development is done by using templates only. Using these templates, you get a first impression of the design of your web pages. CodeIgniter has a lot of templates from which you can choose any one that suits your design needs. With a template, you only have to add the content and not worry about the design. That eases the web development process.

  10. Testing in every phase of web development.

    Using CodeIgniter, you can examine any stage that you want for your website development. That means you get to check and correct any errors which may arise at any phase of web development.

So, by now you know what a great PHP framework CodeIgniter is. The features that this PHP framework has made website development really fast and easy. Thus, this improves the efficiency of web programmers and developers. You too can use this marvelous framework for your website development projects. You only have to Hire Codeigniter experts for that.