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Posted On : 3rd May, 2016 by ViitorCloud

Startups and new generation companies are always looking for some cost effective and at the same time easy to get started platforms to start their business online. In recent days business are looking to cut down cost, time and allocate funds into more effective process, so companies has stopped investing thousands and lakhs of dollars in getting their website live and waiting for months to put their idea into reality. In this age of digital media, an idea not executed today will be executed by competitors tomorrow. Also nowadays number of eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, osCommerce, Joomla and Magento platforms are available to select from, all these platforms are now matured and number of successful & big brands use them. It is not that such platforms are cost effective but also it can be easily customized as per our needs.

Now when we are talking about eCommerce platforms let us dig into more details to suggest and guide you with your eCommerce requirement. Yes according to experts, they believe that Magento eCommerce solution is one of the best platform for any eCommerce website. If you are looking for more functionality, flexibility and efficiency for conversion than Magento is the best option for you. Well the most important part of this platform is it is totally free as being an open source, also they provide multi-store, multi-language and multi-currency support which you hardly find in any other eCommerce platforms. As a startup what this means to you is low development cost and do business throughout the world. It is as on November 17, 2015, Magento 2.0 was released with an intention to provide more user engagement, smooth navigation, and increase in conversion rates. Starting from the launch of Magento 2.0, they have implemented number of changes and pushed both community and enterprise version 2.0.4 as on March 31, 2016

Let’s see one of the recent case studies by Magento customer published in Magento official blog as a customer stories:<

Byredo – a Stockholm based fragrance house featuring perfume, body care, home fragrance and accessories has recorded increase in eCommerce transaction and mobile conversions over 30% & AOV vaults 160% after implementing Magento 2.0. The most important part of this campaign was that overall mobile session increased by 50% and 30% increase in conversion Ratio. Byredo’s Solution partner had an exclusive interview talking and sharing live experience after utilizing Magento 2.0

When asked what the best part of Magento 2.0 are? Byredo’s Solution partner revealed that it is the Flexibility for which the platform was known for is yet not compromised even though compatibility and strength has increased considerably. Since its inception Magento now developed as a more matured platform able to compete with WebSphere. Over a time it has now developed as a more matured and more engineered platform.

Magento 2.0 is even considered to be SEO Friendly i.e. Search engine optimization friendly. Number of SEO plugins such as Yost and Mageworx was frequently used by end users with previous version. When asked by one of such end users about SEO plugins, team at Magento confirmed that all those SEO plugins will remain the same expect few will get enhanced. But they have also admitted that HTML sitemap will no more be available due to some technical reason. Let me list out the things which you will find it handy with Magento 2.0 version as a part of SEO process.

Add Canonical URL Meta, Add Nofollow Meta in Search Result, Add Nofollow meta in Product Gallery, Add Option: Follow/Nofollow/Noindex for Product, Category, CMS Page (Featured), Add Link rel=”alternate”, Automatically setup page title, meta description, .htaccess editor, robots.txt editor, Quick save .htaccess, robots.txt file, Optimize Breadcrumbs, Social Integration, Support multi-store, RSS Optimization and lot more. A well performed SEO campaign will place you at the top of Google where your customers are searching you. Being placed at the top of Google for business related search terms will give you with some early adopters and to build some traction around the business at very early stage.