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Posted On : 5th January, 2016 by ViitorCloud

Internet has become a huge media over the last 2 decades. In fact, nowadays, the best method to find fresh businesses, services, and products is through searching the internet for options. It’s actually not surprising that today most businesses have gathered to the internet, using the mediums(SEO and Social Media) for connecting with customers practically not heard of just 10 years ago.

Nowadays, most of the small businesses own their website but they ignore one of the most important things, ‘Search Engine Optimization’ a.k.a ‘SEO’. Even in 2016, people don’t know the true strength of SEO. User-friendly websites could be easily created by properly using SEO techniques. Over time, a small business can not just sell its services/products online but gain trust, authority, and reputation which would be ultimately helpful in creating a strong business brand.

Here are some convincing reasons that explain why your small business needs an SEO-friendly website:


Your Competitors are doing SEO Already:

As “others are doing this” isn’t an argument which fits most decision making, but it is a little no-brainer in this time of digital era. The main fact is, if today you have a business website, then your competitors also have an (SEO-friendly) website but they are successful in getting online customers which you’re not as your website is not SEO-friendly. In this era of technology, to have an SEO-friendly business website, provides many advantages than the businesses which don’t have one.

It will increase your Viewers Greatly:

SEO-friendly website opens up your business to global audiences, whether you are selling services or physical products. As said earlier, SEO can be used to sell your products/services over the internet which is also helpful for enhancing your business offline. That is why you need hosting for your business from a very reliable web hosting service provider like Hosting Foundry.


Permits you to form an impactful, modified First Impression:

Unless your business website is instantly informative, user-friendly, and well-designed you’re expected to drop a consumer. Just similar to your business face, it’s your task to create the first impression which onlookers have of the shop. Search engine optimization can be helpful in creating beautiful websites which every viewer likes to see and browse.


Having a SEO-friendly business website can make you discoverable:

Getting exposed online goes ahead of search engine outcomes, & to have great results, you need to have a website with good keywords, appropriate encoding & appropriate classification supports to have your business related information indexed in GPS devices, social-media & other websites which index the information of your business for consumers to access.


People are talking online regarding your business:

With the websites like Google, Twitter, Facebook etc. that permit user opinions, you can observe that already someone has reviewed you. If any customer is getting any bad experience regarding your business will considerably more expected to write reviews than somebody who is getting a nice experience. With these negative reviews your business can lose its credibility.

Keep in mind that having a business website and using search-engine-optimization techniques permits you in pushing this type of bad & negative things more down the results page.


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