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Posted On : 14th June, 2021 by ViitorCloud

In today’s times, so many new e-commerce businesses are coming up every year. These new online sellers have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a good online platform for selling their products. Which platform should an online seller go for, Shopify or WooCommerce? What do you think is better, a platform that helps you with the easier solutions or the one that has the potential to expand your business?

There are about 2.3 million online stores that use e-commerce for selling their products online. This platform is generally the most preferred one amongst the new online retailers. The reason is that it is user-friendly and it integrates power, adaptability, versatility, and great features.

WooCommerce is a simple, powerful & extendable e-commerce platform for WordPress. If you want to build your online shop with higher scalability, advanced features, and better design then WooCommerce should be your first choice irrespective of the products that you sell and how. Selling with WooCommerce is simple and fun. For instance, if you have a shop that sells t-shirts of various sizes, then you just have to add the available sizes & colors once. You can add new shirts as soon as they are delivered to your store from the factory. WooCommerce has the ability to handle many variations. With WooCommerce you can sell others products on your site too. WooCommerce makes designing and operating an online store easy, with just the right levels of adaptability and various important characteristics such as inventory & expense administration, choice of any secured payment option during checkout, etc. WooCommerce developer to develop an e-store for your business at a low cost with higher efficiency.


Advantages of WooCommerce:

  1. Pricing.

    As a new retailer, you will likely choose a platform that offers its best services for free or at an affordable price. Many e-commerce platforms let you build a nice online store ranging from the free ones to those which cost thousands of dollars. You may think that a higher-priced platform has better services than a low-priced or a free one. But the price isn’t always linked with the ability and potential of the platform. You see, WooCommerce is preferred by many online retailers as it is free and also because you can benefit from its skills without any need to pay a huge amount for the contracts. A few 3rd party features or extensions may need to shell out a few extra bucks but WooCommerce won’t charge you anything themselves.

  2. Best in the class content management system.

    You know that WooXCommerce is a WordPress plugin and WordPress is known as the best and CMS (content management system) in the world. Hence, you can expect that WooCommerce will also have that ability. For any website or e-store, the content is the most important thing that will help you make sales and increase user engagement. The content will also help with the search engine optimization (SEO) that plays a vital role in ranking your website on the search engines. Collectively, WordPress & WooCommerce have plenty of options when it comes to managing content. That includes; writing blogs & product descriptions, landing pages, and many others. You can also use a few extra plugins that can help you to optimize your content so that you rank higher on search engines.

  3. Speed

    With WordPress& its plugin WooCommerce, you can build a good e-shopping experience for your online stores irrespective of their size. Build a swift and responsive e-store and ease the shopping experience of your customers. You can combine it with the right hosting that is performance-optimized specially designed to improve the performance. By using it with sub-standard hosting, you won’t be able to provide the right environment for getting a highly responsive environment.

  4. Designed specifically for selling.

    This platform has been specially designed for e-stores and it has got everything that an e-commerce
    the platform needs to sell its products and services. It offers more than a hundred secured payment gateways that you can conveniently integrate with your e-store. Also, you get to choose from 1000s of themes that will give your store an amazing yet simple look. With WooCommerce, you can easily manage your stock, refunds, and everything else. If you are a new e-store retailer, you can get a lot of help from WooCommerce’s documentation and online community.


  5. Modularity.

    WooCommerce comes with a wide range of features that can be increased by adding various plugins. It helps retailers by enabling them access to thousands of plugins and 100s of e-commerce extensions. It enables the developer community to attach particular functionality that is not possible with monolithic apps. Also, this platform can be an ideal e-commerce platform for all retailers with the correct usage of plugins. Several additional plugins are produced and suggested by WooCommerce when using their store.


Is WooCommerce right for you or not?


WooCommerce is unquestionably a very famous e-commerce platform for developing an e-store. Most of the credit for its popularity is because it is a WordPress plugin. If you love WooCommerce or even if you feel it quite easy and convenient to use, you will be happy to know that it offers several benefits over various other platforms. You can Hire Website developer who has experience in WooCommerce. Even if a developer has little or no experience in using this platform, then also that won’t be a problem as the learning curve is not so steep. Another major benefit that this platform offers is that a website developed with WordPress belongs rightfully to the owner of the site and is not that much dependent as much as sites created using SaaS platforms.

Also, it is a one-stop solution that you can use to build a customized e-store website or application. If in case you want a platform that is centralized and offers one point for the necessary website elements, you may have to go for a SaaS-based e-commerce platform. Generally, the tools rolled out for building a site include all the costs, but when you opt for WooCommerce, you will have to be a lot careful with the costs as you will have to consider the expenses for self-hosting, premium features like plugins and themes, and other add-ons. So depending on your needs you can decide which platform is the best for you.