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Posted On : 29th March, 2022 by ViitorCloud

Progressing day by day and rapidly changing technology have made many changes in the business as well. Businessmen now want to adopt technology gradually and in such a situation the trend of website and mobile application has increased a lot. Almost all the big businessmen want to make their mobile application, but in such a situation the problem is how to make one? Today we have many platforms available for developing mobile applications.

But it is a bit difficult to pick out a platform that can meet the needs of the business and deliver a great experience. When choosing any platform for app development, we should keep all these things in mind, its features, budget, and within what time frame it will give us a mobile application according to our needs.

In this blog post, we will tell you why Xamarin is becoming so popular all over the world. And why should you use the Xamarin App Development Platform to build your mobile application in 2022? Let’s know step by step:


What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a mono-based free open source software that allows developers to write C# and XAML markup. With its help, native applications can be created using dot net and C# programming languages. This native application will work on Android, iOS, and Windows. Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. And it provides different types of platforms which include Xamarin Android, Xamarin ios, etc.

Overall, Xamarin is a good choice for cross-platform application development. It provides us with Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio, Xcode, and Android Standard Development Kit. The developers working in this should have very good knowledge of C# and they should also have high-level knowledge of XAML.

Let us take a look at some of the reasons that determine whether you should use Xamarin to build a good mobile application in 2022.

  1. Quick Application Development

    While making an application, great care is taken about how much time it is going to take. There is also a problem with a mobile application that we have to develop separately for android and ios. But Xamarin is a cross-platform application where the created application can be used on all platforms. This saves a lot of time and we get the final product very quickly.

    Xamarin App Development includes great tools found in it like Unity3d’s plugin and Android Kits to keep quality control. With its help, it helps to create a great and best-performing mobile application. This is the reason why all businesses prefer this platform.

  2. Cross-Plateform Development

    Cross-platform development does not only mean that the mobile application built on it can run on any platform. Rather, we get many more great features under the Mono support available in it. That is, it does not matter which mobile and operating system you are using, you will be able to use this application.

    Applications made in Xamarin are made in very little time and less effort is required to make them. Because they are developed by living in an environment like dot net and C #, then there is no security-related problem in it.

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  4. Reusability of Code

    It is a unique cross-platform that allows sharing of business logic with mobile applications. This means that it takes less time to maintain an existing code and it is also easier to make changes in any code in the future. Xamarin works on the WORA principle which means ‘Write once run anywhere.’

  5. Safe & Secure

    Security is the most important part of any application especially when any transaction is taking place in it. Since this platform is provided by Microsoft, then there is no possibility of any such security issue in it. Although cross-platform development has never been easier, the way all these libraries are bridged by this platform is wonderful in itself.

  6. On-Time, On Budget

    Xamarin also gives many advantages to the developers, the main advantage of which is that they do not need to worry about different platforms, because if there is cross-platform development, then once created the software will run on all types of platforms. . It also saves time as well as saves resources. Overall, you get a great and good application in time.



Nowadays the demand for cross-platform application development is increasing very fast. Almost all businesses want to make their business mobile application. In this way, you need a great and reliable platform. Since Xamarin is a platform provided by Microsoft, it is guaranteed that there will be no quality compromise in it. If you also want to download an application for your business, then choose a good and reliable app development platform. To do Xamarin App Development Contact Us.