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Posted On : 20th July, 2016 by ViitorCloud

When creating a business website is on the horizon, it is important to research which CMS is ideal for the website and can justify the requirements with an advanced set of functionalities. Magento and Yii, both are extremely popular web development frameworks that offer a plethora of wonderful features that can be leveraged for developing highly engrossing, functional and feature enriched web applications, websites, and eCommerce stores. This post presents a deep insight into the Magento and Yii frameworks while highlighting the ideal usage of these frameworks as per the development requisites and specifications.


Yii (Yes It Is) is a PHP based web development framework that offers strong and voluminous web application development abilities in an open-source environment. Most widely used for developing websites for online shopping and technology companies, it is among the popular web development frameworks leveraged by web developers across the globe. Written in PHP 5, Yii fosters rapid development while providing extremely extensible, efficient, and maintainable web applications. Being a developer friendly framework, it allows feature rich and avant-garde web application development.

Advantages Offered by Yii Web Development Framework

There are innumerable advantages offered by Yii for facilitating easier and comprehensive web application development. Some salient advantages of this incredible framework subsume:

  • MVC (Modern View Controller) design pattern of enabling time-efficient development
  • AJAX- enabled widgets availability with the flexibility to avoid intricacy of writing repetitive SQL statements
  • Layered caching scheme for facilitating page caching, data caching, dynamic content and fragment caching
  • Great support for writing and executing unit & functional tests based on Selenium as well as PHPUnit
  • Exceptional compatibility with third party code and tight integration with social media as well as third party APIs
  • Highly secure and provides great protection against XSS (Cross-Site Scripting), Cookie Tampering, SQL injection, and CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery)
  • Extraordinary support for date and time formatting, message translation, interface localization and number formatting
When Should You Use Yii?

Yii supports the development of modern web applications in a faster and efficient manner. It is a component-based high performance PHP framework that is ideal for developing large scale web applications. It facilitates maximum re-usability in web programming and thus, can considerably accelerate the development process.
It is also suitable for websites that do not have any complex design requirements, the websites which need quick development, and the eCommerce websites which attract colossal traffic from social media networks.


Magento is a dynamic eCommerce platform and is amongst the most widely used online store development CMSs with a global market share of 26%. Magento recorded over 5 million downloads in December 2014. It is an open-source and robust framework backed by a huge community of developers hailing from different parts of the world. Available in three variants, Magento Community, Magento Enterprise, and Magento Go, it is undoubtedly one of the best frameworks to use if you are developing an eCommerce website.

Advantages Offered by Magento Development Framework
  • Magento, whose management system is based on MySQL and PHP offers countless advantages when chosen for eCommerce development. These include:
  • Magento is packed with characteristics enabling product comparison, wish list creation, favourite selection, advanced search, layered navigation, multi-store feature, grouped products, email lists and much more.
  • Magento is equipped with exceptional SEO capabilities and thus, websites built on Magento can efficiently manage indexing, landing page’s effectiveness, duplicate content and page traffic.
  • It is a developer friendly CMS that facilitates faster development and hassle free updates installation
  • Facilitates multiple store management from a single administrative panel and each store can be distinctly set up with a unique product catalogue
  • Magento that has partnered with the search engine Giant “Google” allows usage of many of the Google services such as Google Checkout, Google Analytics, and Google Base.
  • Unlike Drupal or many other eCommerce development frameworks, Magento is PA-DSS compliant and that’s’ why offers highly secure online shopping environment
  • Magento supports mobile-friendly configuration and thus, Magento powered eCommerce stores offer excellent performance on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Availability of over 5000 extensions make it one of the most adaptable and extensible CMS
When Should You Use Magento?

Magento, from the very beginning, was conceived as an eCommerce CMS, and thus it is equipped with all the features, modules, and specs that are required for creating a customized and feature-rich eCommerce store capable of delivering the best SEO capabilities. The results which can be achieved by developing an online store in Magento will be much better than what you will get by using the CMS plugins such as Drupal Commerce on Drupal or WooCommerce on WordPress.


When it comes to website development, there is a “one size fits all” solution as the requirements and target audience of each website are different. It completely depends on your technical expertise, goals, budget, and the purpose for which the website is required, which CMS is the best for you. Both Yii and Magento support an exceptional set of features and are open source and offer some common benefits such as faster development, rich libraries, a huge number of extensions, and search engine friendliness, but Yii is an ideal framework for web-application development while Magento is perfect for eCommerce website development. Both these frameworks possess an extraordinary set of functionalities and modules for supporting the development process in their individual niches.
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