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Open Source Contribution

Open Source Contribution

Source-Code- Protection tech icon
Source Code Protection

Source Code Protection is a simple and effective plugin that uses to prevent common techniques in protecting your code from being stolen in WordPress.

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Nofollow-External-Links tech icon
Nofollow External Links (SEO)

It automatically set all external links to “nofollow” in WordPress website content.

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max-upload-plugin tech icon
Increase Maximum Upload File Size

This lightweight WordPress plugin helps to increase media upload file size up to 75 MB.

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pdf-secure tech icon
PDF secure

WordPress PDF Secure plugin provides the most secure protection for PDF in Html5Lightbox. This plugin disables download and print functionality in custom HTML5 Lightbox.

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Featured-Image tech icon
Featured Image Custom Link

WordPress Featured Image Custom Link plugin is useful to add custom link to featured image of single post/page which automatically displays in front.

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word-refiner tech icon
Word refiner for laravel collection data

Word refiner for laravel collection data is used to refine any words from collection data Through this package, we can remove some specific words from laravel collection data.

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Ip-Gateway tech icon
IP gateway for laravel

IP gateway for laravel used for preventing user access through blacklist or whitelist IP. Blacklist deny users access and Whitelist allow access to users.Through this, we can set the limit number of user access.

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Multi Language Manipulate Demo tech icon
Multi Language Manipulate Demo

This application helps to manipulate labels, dropdown values, string, content on the basis of language change.Values will be display automatically from the database or language files using helpers.

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Viitor-Button tech icon
Viitor Button Shortcodes

Viitor shortcodes plugin is useful for dynamic button with attribute where it can be used through backend visual editor and it shown in frontend. Button shortcodes for ease of use. Create unlimited number of buttons.

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subtitle tech icon
Add Subtitle

Add Subtitle plugin is usefull to add subtitle to pages/posts which shows in front automatically. No coding required. No coding required. Simply download Add Subtitle plugin, activate it, and begin adding subtitle into your posts and pages today.

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table tech icon
Custom Product List Table

Custom Product List Table plugin is usefull to implement product list in wordpress backend. It provides additional functionality for product’s various status like pending/approved/cancel.

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analytics tech icon
Google Analytics Code Management

A simple and straightforward solution for viewing Google Analytics for your site, using Google Analytics Code Management plugin.

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Boilerplate tech icon
Laravel API Boilerplate

Laravel API Boilerplate is a "starter kit" you can use to build your first API in seconds. As you can easily imagine, it is built on top of the awesome Laravel Framework. This version is built on Laravel 5.5!

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Boilerplate tech icon
Laravel Vue Spa Boilerplate

This is a Laravel (5.5) API Boilerplate Project with JWT Authentication and built-in laravel+vue js

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aEasy-Gallery tech icon
Easy Gallery Management

First free plugin which provides functionality to display gallery with password protected feature, masonary layout, share and download gallery image on social media using easy gallery management plugin.

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Rest-API tech icon
Easily Generate Rest API Url

This plugin is used for generate rest API url.

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