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ViitorCloud brings you highly immersive and ground-breaking AR/VR solutions created by developers with unparalleled expertise and years of experience ideally suited for gaming, education and branding. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions are the future of businesses, and these are becoming the beacons of progressiveness in the field of technology. With stunning graphics and out-of-the-box experiences, AR/VR has been producing outstanding outcomes for businesses. Whether you are looking for innovative teaching solutions or want to deliver an immersive experience to your customers, you can AR/VR services to India to ViitorCloud. We proffer modernized AR/VR-based business solutions focusing on brand engagements, education, advanced workflows, improved processes, easier collaboration and much more. With a team of extensively experienced developers, we have been catering for our clients with top-notch bespoke solutions for years.


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Scalable and tailored solutions
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Time-efficient development
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Unmatched technology expertise
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Faster time to market
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Cost savings
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A wide array of services


experienced team
Bespoke Development
We excel at creating tailored AR/VR-based business solutions perfectly aligned to your business goals and specific project requisites.
End-To-End Project Delivery
For many years, we have been delivering comprehensive web solutions to clients, from project planning to post-development maintenance.
Outstanding User Experience
With all our projects and business solutions, we ensure they are easy to use, and end-users get an unmatched experience.
Performance-Focused Solutions
We pay great attention to crafting web solutions with superior graphics, breathtaking image quality, and performance-focused.
Cost Savings
Being one of the top AR/VR companies in India, we ensure that our services are beyond comparison and our prices are affordable.
Faster Turn-Around Time
With the projects we undertake, we evaluate the time-frames realistically, and, once the deadlines are set, we strictly follow them.


hourly-icon Hourly
  • We offer weekly engagements with our AR/VR developers for smaller projects or specific tasks.
  • We have a dedicated team of AR/VR developers providing a broad array of services.
  • As one of India's top AR/VR companies, we provide world-class development services.
  • We also ensure that we deliver highly time-efficient services when you engage with us.
weekly-icon Weekly
  • With our weekly engagement model, we ensure that you get dedicated 40 hours each week.
  • When you collaborate with us with weekly engagement, we ensure that we work close to your time zone to deliver high-quality services with greater time effectiveness.
  • We keep you updated on project progress and ensure complete transparency.
  • All your projects are led by experienced project managers who ensure successful end-to-end completion of tasks.
monthly-icon Monthly
  • We offer monthly engagement models to our clients for larger projects and progressive business solutions development.
  • We ensure that experienced project managers lead your projects to deliver quality-focused outcomes within stipulated deadlines.
  • With an experienced team of developers, we deliver top-notch solutions ideally matching your requisites.
  • The monthly engagement model offers 40 hours of dedicated development work weekly.



India is one of the most progressive countries in the technology landscape, and yes, Augmented Reality based solutions are available in India. Many educationists and retail companies have leveraged AR and VR-based solutions to engage their target audiences.
Many Indian companies are working on creating virtual reality-based solutions and gaming experiences. ViitorCloud is among the leading AR/VR development companies in India, delivering their services globally.
The cost depends on the development time, which in turn depends on the scope of the app. If you are looking to develop an app that will take around 50-100 hours of development time, it can cost between $2000 - $4000.
VR-based games can vary in cost depending on the game's genre, gameplay and scope. Typically, a VR-based game's end-to-end development can cost between $5000 - $20000. You can always get an estimate on the costs from the development companies.
USA and India are among the top countries with companies offering high-quality React JS development services. React JS is an ideal framework for front-end UI development and aids faster, scalable, and feature-rich development.
Currently, Accenture is one of the companies providing metaverse development services. Still, many other companies offer the metaverse development at affordable costs with a broad array of service offerings.
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