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Node JS is a highly lightweight JavaScript system that enables the creation of great web applications and API development.

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Node JS has gained immense popularity for being one of the best frameworks for creating real-time web solutions, APIs, backends, dashboards, mobile apps, and much more, requiring persistent web browser connectivity. Being a leading Node JS development company in India, we offer a broad array of Node JS development services explicitly designed to match the diverse requirements of our customers. What distinguishes our services from our counterparts is that we indulge in a thorough analysis of our client's project requirements, business goals and ideologies to craft results-driven bespoke business solutions that ideally cater to the requisites.


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Customized solutions
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Time-efficient services
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Results-driven web solutions
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Dedicated team
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Experienced developers
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Transparency & Integrity


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Unparalleled App Development
We are experts in crafting quality-focused Node JS-based mobile and web applications for our clients that not only meet but would surpass your expectations.
Outstanding App Migration
Being a renowned Node JS development company in India, we offer world-class app migration services and ensure that the migration is completed smoothly without any issues or exceeded downtimes.
Agile Development Approach
We follow an agile development approach and ensure that a viable version of the app/software is ready for deployment in a time-efficient manner with a good scope for scalability and features-enhancement.
Experienced Team of Developers
We have a broad team of developers with years of experience and expertise in web development. With their collective knowledge and efficient collaboration, our team is unmatched.
While we ensure that the quality of our advanced solutions is second to none, at the same time, we also focus on making our services affordable for our clients.
Efficient Project Management
While development is a vital aspect of the project, we also emphasize efficient project management to give our clients the best service experience.


hourly-icon Hourly
  • With the hourly engagement model, we offer dedicated Node JS development services per the agreed timeframe.
  • We ensure you get world-class development services with a dedicated team of developers.
  • We always work as per your specific requirements to create tailor-made web solutions.
  • We provide that our team works per your time zone for efficient project collaboration.
weekly-icon Weekly
  • We offer 40 hours of dedicated development/maintenance services per week with weekly engagements.
  • When you Outsource Node JS services to India, we deliver outstanding services within committed timeframes.
  • Our weekly engagement model has been designed to cater for our clients with specific project requisites.
  • We believe in maintaining complete transparency and, thus, sharing regular updates on undertaken projects.
monthly-icon Monthly
  • The monthly engagement model is designed for the end-to-end development of web solutions.
  • With the monthly engagement model, we deliver 8 hours of dedicated development/project services daily.
  • If you are looking for customized and results-driven business solutions development, outsource Node JS services to India.
  • Our approach is to deliver the best services time-efficient manner to help our clients with a "faster time to market".



There are a plethora of Indian companies that use Node JS in India. The names include ViitorCloud, Cognitive Cloud, Alliance Tek etc. With the capabilities and features that Node JS offers, it is one of the most widely used web development frameworks. Companies from across the globe Outsource Node JS services to India.
The cost to outsource a Node JS development project differs from country to country and company to company. Generally, the tasks that can be completed in a few weeks cost between $1000 - $2000, and the projects with a broader scope or continuous development can go up to $10,000. Companies located in India offer affordable services.
Yes, Netflix is one of the top companies that leverage Node JS. One of the biggest reasons behind Netflix's adoption of Node JS is that it offers web-based services, and constant browser connectivity is one of the critical performance parameters. This is where Node JS succeeds. Also, it can be used at both ends – browser and server-side.
Many famous companies use Node JS in production, including Netflix, Nasa, Twitter, Uber, GoDaddy, Uber, etc.
Node JS is an open-source framework backed by a strong community of developers. With broad community support, Node JS's offerings in terms of features that can be used to design scalable network apps are excellent.
Yes, Node.js can replace PHP. All the server-side PHP could be replaced with JavaScript. Node JS, based on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine, is one of the server-side JavaScript environments. This implies that you can now write your server-side code in JavaScript.
Node JS is certainly open-source, and thus, source code is freely available. Once you download and customize it to suit your project requirements, a restrictive license can be applied, which might cost.
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