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Dragon Strike

An AR powered FPS videos game suitable for all age groups. You must strike down the waves of Dragons using your AR compatible mobile device in this exhilarating point and shoot experience.

Dragon Strike is an ARCore powered Augmented Reality experience that places you in an immersive playable environment to shoot dragons that appear on your screen with your actual surrounding augmented using your device camera. The game offers an infinite shooter experience in a 360° playable environment. By moving your device in a 360° motion you can find and shoot the dragons by holding the gun. You’ll have to shoot maximum dragons in a limited time frame, and you’ll receive rewards to gain points and additional time.


Fully Immersive experience Stunning augmented reality effects Realistic shooting simulation with brilliant sound effects Smooth and simple weapon control system Any open space has the potential to be a game environment Mini map to locate the dragons


First Person Shooter

Game Genre



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