Value Proposition


Buy, sell, and trade with ALKMY.

The project involves the development of a cross-platform mobile application and an Admin console for application management, including user management, group management, product management, product catalogue management, and payment management.

The platform allows Shopify sellers to join ALKMY and automatically showcase their products listings on Discord along with the website to remove the hassle of two separate inventory management.


The objective was to create a mobile platform that streamlines growth in trading volume or user engagement. the bartering of used items in exchange for other items. This platform aims to facilitate a sustainable and community-centric approach to trading, swapping, and bartering goods and services.

To create a user-friendly and secure mobile platform that empowers users to exchange goods and services in a sustainable, cost-effective, and community-driven manner.

However, now ALKMY is more than just a trading application, it is an e-commerce marketplace offering businesses to list their goods along with Shopify.


Smart matching algorithm

Crafted a custom algorithm that matches trades based on user preferences, location, and trade requirements, ensuring mutually beneficial exchanges

Direct communication

Introduced a user-friendly chat feature for direct communication between traders, making negotiations smooth and transparent

Secure transactions

Integrated PayPal and Stripe for secure payment transactions during trades, along with third-party shipping APIs for hassle-free shipping

Community building

Implemented a contact management feature, allowing users to invite friends and family to join, fostering trust within the trading community

Category-based trading

Introduced a member directory and group creation module for categorizing trades based on specific categories or locations

Credibility checks

Designed a rating module for traders and products to authenticate and identify genuine participants, ensuring a positive trading experience

Value proposition


With Alkmy, we've successfully translated John's vision into a user-friendly app that aligns with the trend of responsible consumption.

The combination of simplicity, advanced features, and security positions Alkmy as a leading platform to buy, sell, and trade items of your choice.

If you intend to act, we are ready to help!