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ViitorCloud - Trusted Innovators in Next-Gen Tech Services & Consulting

With 12+ years of trusted expertise, we're the go-to partner for technology solutions and consultation. we work with businesses worldwide to anticipate and embrace what's next, delivering exceptional digital products and experiences.

Join our fast-growing, customer-centric company and achieve operational efficiency and higher ROI across diverse industries.

A global technology solution & consulting firm

We are your partners in delivering gilt-edged consultation and Solutions for digital transformation, digital experience services, AI, Metaverse, and more.


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Shaping tomorrow, today!

We are a reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. We believe in the power of purpose, people, and performance, which are the cornerstones of our brand identity. With a global presence and a passion for pioneering new horizons, we lead by example, empowering modern businesses to live better life day by day. We drive sustainable transformation while inspiring leadership to champion equality and embrace the future. We invite you to explore our brand's ethos and discover what sets us apart.

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ViitorCloud is a niche technology player and works with clients to grow by instilling innovations and exceeding expectations.


Empower organizations and people worldwide with exceptional digital solutions in ever changing world


Perform and deliver inspiring results with creativity, quality and integrity, NOW!

Our Industry Accolades and Recognitions

We stand as a recognized industry leader, celebrated and awarded year after year by esteemed institutions. Our trove of awards and certifications reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in digital solutions.

Best Tech Team of the Year award

Best Tech Team of the Year award at Tech India Transformation Award, 2023.

Best Enterprise of the Year (Technology)

Best Enterprise of the Year (Technology) during MSME India Business Convention, 2022.


ViitorCloud Safest Website, Receives 2022 SAFEST CONTENT AWARD

Small Enterprise of the Year

Small Enterprise of the Year during MSME India Business Convention, 2021.

Core Values

Our core values serve as the guiding principles that direct our conduct, whether on an individual or corporate level.


Our commitment to quality is as enduring as a diamond


We anchor inclusivity in everything we do


We are integrated as one ViitorCloud by our core values


We are talented by mind and creative at heart, driving innovation in all we do


We take inspiration from the steadfast nature of elephant and uphold the highest standards of morality in all our endeavors


Introducing the visionary leaders who drive ViitorCloud's success with their unyielding passion and determination.

Rohit Purohit


Rohit Purohit

Vishal Rajpurohit


Vishal Rajpurohit

Rajneesh Modi

Director of Consulting

Rajneesh Modi

Pritesh Hathi

Director of Cloud Services

Pritesh Hathi


Our Social Responsibility

Advancing Responsible actions, Impact and Sustainable Engagements

ARISE is ideated for promoting responsible actions, creating impactful engagements, and fostering sustainability, with ViitorCloud contributing its expertise in technologies, efforts and resources to empower and enhance the outcomes of the initiatives.

Employee Volunteering

Employee Volunteering

Encourage employees to actively participate in volunteer activities and contribute to social causes, leveraging their expertise in technology to support and enhance social initiatives.

Sustainability Practices

Sustainability Practices

Implement eco-friendly initiatives within the organization, promoting energy efficiency, waste reduction, and responsible resource management by utilizing technology solutions and expertise.

Social Impact Projects

Social Impact Projects

Work with non-profit organizations and government agencies to address social challenges, leveraging ViitorCloud's expertise in technologies to develop innovative solutions and drive sustainable social impact.

Skill development events

Skill development events

Partner with educational institutions or NGOs to offer skill-building programs and opportunities, focusing on technology-related skills to empower individuals and communities for better prospects and sustainable growth.


At ViitorCloud, we foster synergies by partnering with industry-leading innovators. Our digital ecosystem is a testament to strategic alliances that elevate your business to new heights, delivering scalable and fully integrated solutions for unparalleled success.

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