Make your digital assets storage smoother and slacked with Fotoware

The platform offers a seamless solution for effortlessly storing, organizing, and deploying all your digital assets, such as photos, videos, documents, graphics, and other files.

Our Expertise

Our Fotoware expertise

Our focus is on ensuring the success of your project storage through SaaS products. We enable easy and seamless access to the digital assets of your business, retrieving valuable files, and facilitating smooth workflows.

  • Fotoware as a service (SaaS)

  • Fotoware in private cloud

  • Fotoware at premises

Fotoware services we provide

Portal development

Portal developed with digital assets management integration and new UI experience making the assets public so the media platforms and other sources can use the assets added to the platform with the specific access provided to them.

DAM integration

Achieve seamless integration of digital asset management systems, empowering organizations to efficiently organize, access, and distribute their vast array of digital assets, enabling workflows, and improved collaboration.

Storage and organizer

Optimize your storage and organization processes by implementing efficient systems that enable easy access, retrieval, and management of your valuable assets, ensuring improved data organization.

Our success stories


Navy's public asset sharing with media and other sources, granting them authorized access.

ViitorCloud created a platform through which the Royal Navy makes the assets public for media platforms and other sources can use the assets added to the platform with specific access.


A public engagement platform connecting communities and government

A public engagement platform to empower individuals and communities to connect with their local governments and build stronger and healthier communities.


Segregate assets in their FotoWare DAM

ViitorCloud created a platform that employs staff photographers and works with numerous freelance photographers.