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The agriculture sector in the USA has always been a pillar of the economy, with livestock farming playing an indispensable role. The global cattle population amounted to about 943.37 million heads in 2023, up from approximately 937.7 million in 2021.

It becomes important to take care of cow’s wellbeing for the safety of food, sustainability of livestock farming, and her overall health.

We developed a portal that displays the changes that happen in a cow’s health system during different activities such as drinking water and eating.

Cow Monitor is a web portal that uses high-tech tools to keep an eye on the health of cows.


The primary objective was to offer an advanced solution for monitoring the lifecycle and health metrics of cows by leveraging the prowess of IoT-based devices, particularly Bolus Sensors, the initiative sought to deliver actionable insights into every facet of a cow's health.

To get an idea about if the cow has any sort of infections or has been affected with any disease to treat them on an early basis.


Maintaining the health of cows can also have environmental benefits. Healthy cows are more efficient in converting feed into milk or meat, which can reduce the environmental impact of livestock production

Real-time health monitoring

Every 30 minutes, the Bolus Sensors capture crucial health metrics, providing an uninterrupted stream of data that reflects the cow's current health status.

Water consumption analysis

By observing how a cow's body temperature fluctuates during water intake, farmers and stakeholders can ascertain vital health indicators and potential anomalies.

Comprehensive animal database

The platform facilitates a detailed animal repository, including essential details such as Date of Birth, Age, Name, Sensor ID, Breed, Life Cycle Stage, and Farm Name

Scalable notification system

A highly scalable notification system facilitates rapid response and action, ensuring timely intervention and optimization of energy consumption patterns.

Offline accessible PWA

Leveraging modern app stack technologies, Colibird delivers an offline accessible Progressive Web Application (PWA), ensuring uninterrupted access to critical data and functionalities, even in remote or low-connectivity environments.

Specialized database operations

Colibird employs specialized database operations to handle data at scale, ensuring robust performance and reliability, even in high-demand scenarios

Value proposition

The web portal's strong integration with various technologies ensures scalability, allowing for future enhancements and adaptability to evolving agricultural demands.

By leveraging Cow Monitor, stakeholders can proactively address potential health issues, ensuring the overall well-being and longevity of their cattle


With access to real-time and historical data, farmers and businesspersons can make informed decisions, optimize resources, and maximize profitability.

The platform's intuitive design incorporates alert mechanisms, notifying users of any deviations or anomalies, thereby facilitating prompt intervention and mitigation.

With the python and react development service, we are committed towards the success of this project.

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