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ViitorCloud Technologies collaborated with the National Museum Institute of the History of Art, Conservation and Museology (NMI) to deliver a groundbreaking project - the G20 Khajuraho Holographic Experience.

The Holographic Experience used cutting-edge holographic technology to bring India's cultural heritage to life at the First G20 Culture Group meeting in Khajuraho.

This immersive experience showcased the journey of eight repatriated artifacts, including the renowned Parrot Lady, highlighting the significance of global cooperation in cultural preservation.


The project required an interactive, holographic experience to showcase the repatriation theme. It aimed to engage users in the artifacts' journey, emphasizing global cooperation's significance in preserving cultural heritage and promoting cultural exchange.


The Holographic Experience project showcased the latest technology, offering an exciting and innovative experience for users.

Cutting-edge technology

The Holographic Experience project showcased the latest technology, offering an exciting and innovative experience for users.

Interactive and immersive

The holographic experience provided an interactive and immersive journey, allowing users to feel connected to the artifacts' repatriation story.

Preservation of cultural heritage

By highlighting global cooperation, the project contributed to the preservation of cultural heritage, promoting exchange and understanding.


Making history accessible to a wider audience, the holographic experience allowed people from all walks of life to learn and appreciate India's cultural heritage.

Bridging past and present

Serving as a bridge between the past and present, the project promoted cultural understanding and appreciation.

Innovative showcase

The project stood out as an innovative showcase of India's cultural heritage, emphasizing the importance of repatriation.

Value proposition

ViitorCloud Technologies implemented a 3D animation with a voice-over to bring the holographic experience to life. This solution effectively conveyed the intricate narrative of repatriation, making it engaging and informative for the audience.


The G20 Khajuraho Holographic Experience, a result of collaborative efforts, successfully demonstrated the potential of technology to preserve and showcase cultural heritage.

ViitorCloud Technologies played a pivotal role in delivering an immersive and cutting-edge experience that captivated visitors, fostering appreciation for India's rich cultural legacy.

The project remains a testament to the synergy between technology and cultural preservation.

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