Value Proposition



HomeFinch is a top player in the home services industry, providing a wide range of services like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services.

Based in Dubai and led by Anuj Ruhela in partnership with the Emirates Company, HomeFinch is changing the home services scene with its innovative solutions.


The main goal of HomeFinch was to create a strong portal that showcases customer profiles, technician credentials, and job requirements. This portal makes it easier to schedule job requests and allows administrators to manage customer profiles, submit job requisitions, and assign skilled technicians to specific tasks.


Customer-centric ppplication

Customers have access to a simple app where they can easily request services for their specific needs, whether it's a plumbing problem or an issue with their HVAC system.

Technician assignment portal

The backend portal is the control center for assigning technicians to jobs. Administrators carefully match technicians with the right job requests, ensuring that skills and requirements align perfectly.

Comprehensive tracking system

A modern tracking system allows both customers and technicians to track the progress of job requests from start to finish.

Invoicing and payment integration

The platform includes a seamless invoicing system that works with the SAP portal to synchronize service details, categories, material prices, and make payments hassle-free.

Value proposition

The seamless integration of real-time features and a robust tracking system has established HomeFinch as a leader in the home services sector.


HomeFinch's innovative approach and careful execution have brought about a significant change in Dubai's home services landscape.

Customers enjoy the convenience of a streamlined platform, technicians thrive in an environment that maximizes their skills, and administrators have a powerful tool that integrates seamlessly with the SAP portal for efficient invoicing and material synchronization.

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