Value Proposition



This hotel partners portal is a comprehensive platform designed to offer hotel partners insights into their business activities.

The portal aggregates data from various sources, including bookings, revenue, customer feedback, and other relevant metrics. By presenting this information in user-friendly dashboards, partners can gain a clear understanding of their business performance daily.


Empower hotel partners to analyze their online presence, optimize business operations, and drive profitable decisions through a centralized platform.

Develop an intuitive interface for easy navigation and interpretation of insights. And ensure real-time updates. Incorporate features for efficient communication between partners and hotel partner admins.


ViitorCloud developed the hotel Partners Portal, addressing the objectives and requirements with robust features.

Multiple dashboards

Interactive charts providing insights into revenue, forecasts, benchmarks, coupons, and bookings.

Efficient data handling

A quality platform that handles substantial data, allowing quick decision-making.

Conversation panel

Facilitating communication between partners and our portal admins.

Stop sales request features

Enabling partners to quickly halt sales of deals or room bookings when services are occupied.

Value proposition

Hotel Partners Portal provides partners with an easy-to-use platform to analyze their business and make profitable decisions.

The platform allows partners to monitor the performance of their outlets and make quick decisions to improve their services.

With the hotel Partners Portal, partners can:


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