Value Proposition



The State Family Database aimed to serve as the single source of resident data for an Indian state. Its purpose was to maintain digitized, centralized, and secure resident information to facilitate seamless beneficiary identification for various welfare schemes.

KPMG faced challenges with the project's progress due to the subpar development quality from a previous agency, leading them to seek ViitorCloud's technical expertise.


The primary goal was to form a dedicated team of software engineers specializing in the data injection module and the Makkal portal, ensuring timely and high-quality project delivery.

Value proposition

In a short period, our team achieved breakthrough results, surpassing client expectations and adding substantial value to the project.


ViitorCloud Technologies played a pivotal role in rescuing and advancing the State Family Database project, demonstrating expertise, dedication, and strong communication.

The successful collaboration with KPMG underscored ViitorCloud's commitment to delivering breakthrough results in complex and time-sensitive projects.

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