Value Proposition



Morven Park serves as a virtual classroom platform designed to streamline the process in the Education industry. Within this system:

Administrators have the authority to create instructors and enrich the system by adding various courses.

Instructors can generate exclusive access codes for students, ensuring a secure and personalized learning experience.

Both instructors and administrators have the functionality to generate comprehensive reports on students. This feature aids in closely monitoring and tracking the progress of each student.

Students gain entry to their respective courses by utilizing the unique access codes provided, ensuring a seamless and secure access point to the virtual classroom environment.


Since the creation of the online education system in 2000, it has become the fastest-growing market in the education industry with a growth of 900%.

The objective was very clear while developing an online education portal to develop a comprehensive virtual classroom system that facilitates effective learning for students while providing instructors with tools for course management and progress tracking, all within a stringent timeline.


User management

Super admins create and manage instructors.Instructors generate unique access codes for students.

Course management

Super admins add courses to the system.Instructors create and manage course content.

Progress tracking

Instructors review and track student progress through reports.

Student access

Students access courses via unique access codes.


Generate detailed reports for individual candidates.

Value proposition


Morven Park was designed to streamline the educational system by creating a virtual classroom platform that can help administrators, instructors, and students.

With over more than 100 registered students, the system offers detailed reports to students and instructors for performance review and areas for improvement.

Students are provided with unique codes to access their courses with security.

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