Value Proposition



ViitorCloud designed, developed, and deployed a state-of-the-art holographic solution that captivated dignitaries and investors at the Noida International Airport groundbreaking ceremony.

The solution allowed decision-makers to evaluate internal and external design considerations, interact with a virtual model of the airport in hologram form, and map the design and development phases using holographic and 3D visualizations.

The platform served as a futuristic and engaging approach to showcase the airport's master plan.


The primary objective was to present a contemporary and inventive solution that goes beyond conventional architectural design presentations and promotional methods.

The aim was to showcase the future outcomes of the airport master plan during the groundbreaking ceremony attended by distinguished dignitaries, including the Prime Minister and Chief Minister of India.


Real-time data feeds were integrated for an immersive experience, enabling discussions over holographic displays and demonstrating polygon models like CAD and BIM.

The interactive hologram technology outlines the traditional promotional techniques, such as simple videos or physical models, that limit the effectiveness of conveying future outcomes.

Value proposition

ViitorCloud Technologies addressed the client's objective by creating an optimized and lightweight 3D holographic model of the airport master plan.


The holographic masterplan simulation revolutionized architectural design presentation in presenting complex architectural designs.

It provided decision-makers with a visually striking and interactive experience, allowing them to assess the airport master plan during the groundbreaking ceremony.

ViitorCloud Technologies successfully delivered a solution that exceeded expectations and contributed to the success of the event.

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