Value Proposition



In a dynamic real estate market where differentiation is key, our client decided to revolutionize its property sales process.

Their aim was to provide prospective buyers with an immersive experience of their under-construction property.

To achieve this, they partnered with Viitorcloud to leverage cutting-edge holographic technology.


The primary goal was to create an engaging holographic experience that would allow potential buyers to interactively explore.

This included providing animated walkthroughs, developing a miniature 3D model, illustrating property connectivity, showcasing apartment types, and highlighting amenities.


Immersive holographic experience

Our team created a captivating and interactive holographic experience that transported potential buyers into the future property.

Animated walkthrough

Prospective buyers could take virtual tours through the entire property, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its layout and design.

Miniature 3D model

A detailed 3D model was created to offer a realistic representation of the property. This allowed buyers to visualize the end product, easing their decision-making process.

Geolocation connectivity

Utilizing geolocation data, the presentation showcased the property's proximity to key locations in Noida.

Apartment showcase

Buyers could explore various apartment types with interior visuals and precise square footage details.

Amenities display

The holographic presentation highlighted the property's amenities, from lush gardens to swimming pools, making them tangible for potential buyers.

Interactive mode

An interactive mode was incorporated to enable effective presentations and engagement with potential buyers.

Value proposition

The holographic solution provided by Viitorcloud allowed to differentiate in a highly competitive real estate market.

By offering an immersive and user-friendly way for buyers to explore their property, enhancing their sales process, improving buyer engagement, and making architectural plans more accessible.

This innovative presentation method strengthened our client’s position as a forward-thinking real estate company, providing a valuable selling point that resonated with their target audience.


The immersive holographic experience provided buyers with a clear vision, facilitating informed decision-making and ultimately driving sales.

By leveraging advanced technology, our client cemented its reputation as an innovative leader in the real estate sector, setting a new standard for property visualization and sales techniques.

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