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Our ML Developers are well proficient with the needed frameworks, tools, algorithms, and up-to-date programming languages to develop industry-specific Machine Learning solutions. Hire our Machine Learning Engineers and data scientists to build the top models.

Why Hire Machine Learning Developer

ViitorCloud is amongst the forerunners in the field of advanced development and technology oriented solutions. We have built our expertise through years of experience and comprehensive learning.

With in-depth understanding of multitude of aspects related to the latest technologies, we ensure best in class solutions utilizing the advanced technological frameworks in the most robust manner.

With ViitorCloud, you can hire Machine Learning developer with some simple steps and we assure you that our team will cater you with outstanding solutions facilitating user-based & situation-based analysis as well as intuitive solutions.

With a proactive approach, we help our clients stay ahead of their competition and closer to their customers.

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Our Machine Learning Development Service

Interactive ChatBot Development
FinTech App Development
Artificial Intelligence App Development
Pattern and Image Recognition
Business Intelligence ML Solutions
Industries Expertise of Our ML Developer
  • Video Analytics
  • Info Technology
  • Security
  • Info Technology
  • Education
  • Health Care

Revelio is an object detection service to help businesses to automate their object detection processes by providing them web services and API services which can be custom trained according to their requirements. This project aims to provide a general object detection solution that enables businesses to carry out any object detection tasks whether it being for video analytics or agriculture analytics.

  • list
    Automated image tagging
  • list
    Platform for object detection
  • list
    Custom training support
  • list
    Easy to integrate APIs for model training and inference
  • list
    User friendly web services and API which can be easily monitored
  • list
    Efficiently designed to handle high loads and to achieve high output speed
  • #PyTorch
  • #ObjectDetection
  • #Detectron2
  • #COCODataset
  • #AzureAPIGateway
  • #LabelMeTool

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Key benefits of Choosing our Machine Learning Services

Expert Team of Technology Specialists
We have a team of expert engineers capable of integrating the Artificial intelligence and machine learning into the current technology stack of your business.
Unparalleled Proficiency
We pair our unparalleled expertise with comprehensive experience to help you achieve your business goals with greater efficiency by developing bespoke solutions.
Strict adherence to professional practices with superior work ethics is one of the top-most priorities at Viitorcloud that enables us to deliver solutions timely to our clients.
Ease of Hiring
If you are looking to hire Machine Learning developer India, then ViitorCloud can support you with easier & flexible models for hiring experienced engineers.
ViitorCloud Machine Learning Development Company
At ViitorCloud, with our ardent knowledge and in-depth understanding of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we help you drive your business forward in this era of automation and intuitive web solutions. We bring together exhaustive knowledge and superior expertise in the various key computational areas for optimizing the implementation of intuitive and information oriented business solutions for our clients. You can hire ML developer at ViitorCloud, who follow data driven techniques and robust development frameworks to develop feature-rich ML solutions for strengthening & automating decision- aking processes, customer data analysis, predictive analytics and much more. Whether you are looking for interactive Chatbots, highly secure FinTech solutions, business intelligence-oriented apps or machine learning based web solutions, we will provide you with best-in-class deliverables.

Why hire ML Developer from ViitorCloud

To get in progress on your technology project, hire expert ML developers with exceptional skill sets and a result-driven approach.

Over 10 years of experience in programming, designing, developing and strategizing.

Pool of talented development experts with vast experience and unparalleled proficiency.

Flexible engagement models and simple hiring process.

Programmers and developers available to serve clients from diverse time zones.

Time abound delivery, competitive pricing and highly streamlined communication system.

Round the clock support and advanced technical troubleshooting.

Robust Testing and Quality Assurance measures for delivering superior performance.

End to End support from planning and development to distribution.

years of
Hire ML Programmer With Full Stack Expertise
Project Management Tools
JiraTrelloGITLABMicrosoft Planner
Fast R-CNNRegion-based Convolutional Neural Networks (R-CNN)Single Shot Detector (SSD)YOLO (You Only Look Once)Detectron2NLTK
Python 3.6Python 3.8Python 3.9
Third-Party Service
Cloud Hosting
AWSAzureDigital Ocean
Cloud Services
Version Control Systems
Communication Tool
SkypeSlackMicrosoft Teams
Coding Standard Tool
Google ColabVS codeSpyderPyCharmjupyter notebookSublime Text
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Choose From A
Variety of hiring Models

We know the varied number of clients' requirements. In terms of hiring models, we offer high flexibility to our clients.

You can choose from the dedicated hiring model as per your project requirements.

Hourly Pricing Model

If you are not sure about your work amount, choose an hourly-based model. The pricing gets fixed according to the working hours required to fulfil your project requirements. If your project plan, scope and specifications are not fixed, choose an hourly model, which is the best choice for app development.

  • list
    No hidden costs
  • list
    Monthly billing
  • list
    Requirement based working hours
  • list
    Pay only for measurable work
Our Developers Expertise in AI & ML Technology

  • list
    Strong background for Python programing language
  • list
    Well-Versed With Probability and Statistics
  • list
    Extensive experience with Machine Learning algorithms
  • list
    Graphical experience with MATPLOT, Seaborn, ggplot, pyplot etc...
  • list
    Solid Mathematical and Algorithms Knowle
  • list
    Worked with Keras Tunner for model tuning
  • list
    Extensive use of a recommendation system
  • list
    Hands-on experience with OpenCV, TensorFlow, CUDA, keras, Detectron2,YOLO
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our commitments
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Faq from Clients
Can I participate in the screening process while hiring the developer for my project?
Yes, why not. We always ask our clients if they want to be a part of the screening process.As you invest in our talent, you have the complete right to pick the developer for your project.
How can I communicate with the developer whom I have hired?
Email, Skype or a call, or whichever channel you feel comfortable with.
Do you offer detailed reports which explain that what I am paying for?
Yes, we do. Typically, we follow agile methodologies & we always send weekly reports to our clients to update them about the progress made on the project. We provide detailed reports about parts of the project completed during the course of that week.
Do you ensure that my personal and professional data would be kept confidential?
Yes, sure. We understand that confidentiality of a firm is quite significant, and that's why we always recommend signing NDAs upfront to ensure our clients that their personal and professional information is safe with us. We are an ISO certified company and we completely comprehend the significance of privacy of information.
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15 Days Trial

We offer a risk-free 15 days trial to our clients. You will only need to pay if you are satisfied with our web and app development solutions and wish to continue your product development with us.

Let us help you at each stage of the product development cycle to develop intuitive, functional and robust applications.

Delivering Business Benefits by Leveraging Innovative
Development Methodologies

Our clients can effortlessly hire the ML developers at ViitorCloud at the terms that fit them the best and in the five straightforward steps.

  • 01
    Project Requisites Discussion
  • 02
    Project Analysis and Specifications
  • 03
    Engagement Model Selection
  • 04
    Terms and Timelines Plan
  • 05
    Get Started with the Project
Project Requisites Discussion
Our technology specialists discuss the project requirements with the clients and comprehensively review all the project needs. A dedicated developer or team best fit for the project is then appointed.