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Client Engagement Model

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The Engagement Model at ViitorCloud is based on the philosophy of technological excellence and perfection, which supports a long-term partnership with clients from different market niches.

Empowering by Engaging

ViitorCloud offers various engagement models that are tailored to business as well as organizational needs. By choosing the aptest models or their combinations, clients can enjoy a multitude of benefits:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Shorter time to market
  • Reliable delivery system
  • Benefit from vast domain knowledge
  • Diverse set of expert professionals
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Flexible Engagement Models

01 FIXED PRICE MODEL The Fixed Price Model offers clients a low-risk option and can be applied when the project scope and specifications are fairly clear. The deliverables, timelines, and costs are explicitly defined which ensures on time and budget project delivery. Fixed Price Model suits best for clients with well-defined project schedules and requirements, the entrepreneurs and SMBs. And in case, the requirements are not clear, ViitorCloud helps you particularize your project needs. The ViitorCloud team provides regular updates in addition to consistent deliveries as per the pre-planned milestones.

Advantages with this model:

  • Pre-defined project scope and deliverable
  • Fixed price & timelines for the project
  • Low Risk
  • Guaranteed results
  • Ideal for SMBs and Entrepreneurs
  • Well defined project objectives

02 TIME & MATERIAL MODEL ViitorCloud suggests Time & Material Model when the scope, specification and applicability plans of a project cannot be defined easily at the outset. Following this model, we at ViitorCloud work jointly with our clients for achieving the project completion. At times once the scope gets stable and definite, we can then follow the Fixed Price model. The model is apt to use when there are several "unknowns" about a project. ViitorCloud following this model assists you with its project teams with the project managers, team members, technology, and infrastructure.

Advantages with this model:

  • Easy to accommodate
  • adjust resources as per the new requirements
  • Pay only for the work done
  • Updated regular progress report
  • Flexible model as per dynamic requirements
  • Apt for IT solutions that require extensive research

03 DEDICATED HIRE MODEL ViitorCloud avails its dedicated team to the clients so that they can manage the technical and human resources involved in his project execution. We can provide a highly expert team of professionals, infrastructure, and necessary facilities as per client's business requisites. By choosing the dedicated hire model, a client can opt out to employ any in-house development team, thereby saving much on costs. The model suits ideal for the projects ongoing for long-term and where the offshore support services are regularly needed. Being a prominent global digital solution provider, ViitorCloud has an expert team of web developers that can help you streamline your sales game with compelling and innovative web development solutions.

Advantages with this model:

  • Facility of top of the range IT resources
  • Readily available IT infrastructure
  • Cost Optimized Solution
  • Expert team for your project management
  • Reduced risks
  • Transparent communication


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