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ViitorCloud accelerates the ambitions of its clients by providing phenomenal value through its excellent team of experts. As an organization, we believe in teamwork, innovation, diversity, and integrity.


ViitorCloud believes in achieving defined goals and outcomes within budget and deadlines, and this is where development methodology plays a pivotal role. Here at ViitorCloud, we perceive, design, plan, execute and achieve your project goal with the best-suited development methodology. After a thorough client discussion, we hand-pick the aptest development method matched with the requirements. As the global digital solution providers, we work with multiple worldwide businesses across various verticals by using clear and seasoned development methods.


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01 AGILE METHODOLOGY An agile methodology is a software development methods in which requirements and solutions emerge through an alliance between cross-functional and self-organizing teams. It supports flexible planning, transformative development, early delivery, perpetual growth, and stimulates accelerated and flexible response to change.Agile sets more value to the interaction between a working software and individuals over methods and documentation. The Agile development cycle is divided into sprints or repetitions such that, we get a usable outcome at the completion of each sprint. This way the primary functionalities of the application are turned out first and the clients can start working or marketing the application in the early development phase. As the design and development efforts are revisited at the outset of each sprint, agile makes the development process flexible embracing necessary changes that were not outlined before.


Benefit with this model:

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Transparency
  • Early and Predictable Delivery
  • Predictable Costs and Schedule
  • Allows for Change
  • Focuses on Business Value
  • Focuses on Users
  • Improves Quality

Scrum is an essential part of the Agile development methodology and uses a similar approach to software development. It is known to have been derived from the Rugby Football game and resembles the process that is followed to begin the match after a small contravention or infringement. The scrum framework for managing work and developing products starts with a structured and prioritized backlog comprising of a list of work which needs to be done. This list is put in order by the project team and the client. After the list is sorted, the project team moves forward towards completing the project by completing the short duration iterations referred as sprints. Each sprint spans between a period of one to four weeks. By supporting the faster delivery of the scheduled tasks, it enables the project team to satisfy the aggressive deadlines in the projects. It is an ideal approach to time-boxed projects which need to be completed within stringent time limits.


Benefit with this model:

  • Better quality
  • Decreased time to market
  • Increased return on investment
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher team morale
  • Increased collaboration and ownership
  • More relevant metrics
  • Improved progress visibility and exposure


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