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Posted On : 23rd January, 2018 by Jalpa Rajpurohit

The graphic designing sector is influenced by the unprecedented growth in the technology, so the trends are changing rapidly. 2017 was essentially distinguished by the minimalist theme, as much in the colors as in the pictures, from both virtual reality and responsive design.

The same trends will too outshine in 2018, scoring innovations along the way that will absolutely that will drive your web graphics more. Increase your principles of design with the 7 ruling graphic designing trends of 2018.

Website Interface

For a resulting better conversion rate, it is highly essential that the distractions are eliminated. User-experience stands of the utmost importance. A lot of brands use minimalist pages with unique, focused content that incubates a sharp, catchy message right from the beginning.

Furthermore, users are to a greater extent nowadays access information on the mobile devices. Not having a mobile-friendly website, leads to lot of problems. People who access a website on mobile likely scroll than click.


Internet users love and need simplicity. They quickly want to seize the information and do short activities that appear on your site. Modern titles and larger texts get the visitor’s attention in the website areas you want to secure they see. The icons then illustrate the content, making it easier to perform the required action.


The short clip of small pictures and repetitive moments makes a Cinemagraphs. Different to a GIF, an image delivers more authenticity with its effect. They enable you to feature element in the image to capture user attention. They can even be created as that they move when touched.

Vibrant Colors

Vivid and electrifying colors makes the trend of 2018! In a couple of past years, websites have and had neutral and patterned identities. This year in 2018, Flash hues and tones will rule to give more bold and unique appearance.

Expressive Typography

Google Fonts avail over 815 different fonts, don’t stay on the old specific of previous years. Fonts will bit by bit take more and more storage, a few times leaving images altogether. They will be eccentric, artistic and playful. This especially profits the mobile devices considering, regardless of the size, it does not add weight to the webpage, unlike pictures.

Authentic Photos Not “Royalty-Free”

As more and more content is being published online, brands need to look for the new ways to design unique images. And there is no real way than to use the authentic pictures! Though it is highly demanding for your expert team of web designers, it is much more practical and represents your brand.

Colors for 2018

The defined colors of 2018 will be metallic hues and neutral tones that will remain to be the classics while we lead approaching intense and exotic colors. Below are the few trends that will mark the year 2018,

  • Playful – Lime, bright yellow and blues.
  • Verdure – Greens relating to celery and foliage with eggshell blues and berry purples
  • Resourceful – Complementary oranges and blues
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