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What is Unity3D? Everything you need to know

Unity3D is a powerful gaming engine with cross-platform features and an IDE which make it a popular choice among programmers and artists alike.   What is Unity3D used for? Unity3D is perfect for ...Read More

Posted On: 30th June, 2022 by Sandip Patel


10 Best Android Games Built with Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a game engine developed by Unity Technologies. Thousands of games have been made with its help so far. Android is the world’s largest mobile operating system with a 76% market share....Read More

Posted On: 24th February, 2022 by Sandip Patel


From Science Fiction to Reality: The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

At one time we used to consider it only the imagination of some scientists, or rather the madness of scientists. It was almost impossible to believe their words completely. Because the things he said ...Read More

Posted On: 11th January, 2022 by Mit Shah


How immersive technologies can save the real estate during the present crisis?

Owing to the current ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown, potential buyers are stuck at home and the way to move outside from home, which has vastly affected the relationship betwe...Read More

Posted On: 10th August, 2021 by Mit Shah

artificial intelligence facts

10 most exciting and surprising facts about Artificial Intelligence

Summary: In this blog, we have discovered the world of Artificial Intelligence and present to you top 10 interesting facts that will surprise you! From machines beating humans at complex games to AI-p...Read More

Posted On: 24th July, 2021 by Mit Shah


5 Big Reasons Python is Useful in Cybersecurity

Nowadays we all use the internet. Keeping your data safe is a big challenge in this world of the internet. There are many types of hackers on the Internet, which are engaged in scouting your data-rela...Read More

Posted On: 18th January, 2022 by Mit Shah


7 Reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework

PHP, which is one of the most widely used programming languages offers a plethora of amazing features to the developers that enable them to write reusable and clean codes whilst achieving the faster d...Read More

Posted On: 25th January, 2017 by Ruchit Patel

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Ishver Nayak

Ishver Nayak, AngularJS Technology Development Team Lead at ViitorCloud Technologies

Ishver Nayak is the Head of the Angular team at ViitorCloud Technologies. He's been involved in IT for 10 years and specializes in Angular and Team management. He has 10+ years of experience. He has a strong background in application architecture and is well versed in different programming languages including Angular + TypeScript + RX-js + PWA + Angular Universal + Fire store + Git.


Jalpa Rajpurohit

Jalpa Rajpurohit, Creative Designing Team Lead at ViitorCloud Technologies

Jalpa Rajpurohit leads the creative design team at ViitorCloud. She is a creative and versatile individual blending her imagination and art abilities with a structured business-like approach. Her confidence, hard work, and self-driven motivation come with a strong corporate background. She has a hunger for Creative Designing and Customer Success that motivates her to handle core creative designing and project management responsibilities. She is an Art graduate and responsible for delivering creative concepts for our customers which she enjoys most about her job. She has also worked with Aditya Birla Group and Vodafone before her current role.


Jayesh Naghera

Frontend Technology Development Team Lead at ViitorCloud Technologies

Jayesh leads the team of frontend technology in ViitorCloud. He has great skills to understand customers' business and provides optimal solutions with better resource planning by mapping customers' vision. He also works for delivering bug-free products by utilizing his technical expertise. He's well-versed in numerous programming languages including JavaScript + ReactJS + jQuery + DustJS + OnsenUI + PHP Codeigniter + HTML + CSS + Gerrit. Apart from that, He has more than 9 years of experience in the industry and has a wide range of skills and expertise in frontend and backend technologies.


Mit Shah

Immersive Technology Development Team Lead at ViitorCloud Technologies

Mit Shah leads the Immersive technology Team at ViitorCloud. He's been involved in the Immersive & Gaming field for 8+ years and specializes in Multiplayer Games & Immersive Experiences development. He's also an expert in leading Product Development on AR, VR & Metaverse technologies. He is passionate about Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality games & experiences and has hands-on experience in creating excellent projects of AR/VR & MR. Also having exposure to all Major Functions like Technical Solution Design, Product Management, Pre Sales support, and Resource Allocations Planning, he puts his expertise in Immersive games and machine learning.


Niketan Shah

Wordpress Technology Development & QA Team Lead at ViitorCloud Technologies

Being a part of a developing company like ViitorCloud for the past 7 years has allowed Niketan to witness numerous phases in the growth of an IT firm as well as the IT industry. As a result, it aids him in comprehending real-world issues that the sector faces and assists him in determining the ideal solution for a company. He has expertise in people, project, and client management. His communication skills, user experience, and team management make him a better leader.


Palak Trivedi

ReactJS Technology Development Team Lead at ViitorCloud Technologies

He leads React JS technology team. He loves the web's elegant code and innovative ideas and he is also excited about smart markup with clean user experience, well-defined interfaces, and easy-to-read methods. He knows numerous programming languages including HTML + CSS + JavaScript + TypeScript + ReactJS + NextJS + Git. Palak has a strong background in application architecture.


Ram Solanki

NodeJS Technology Development Team Lead at ViitorCloud Technologies

Ram Solanki is the Head of the Node JS team at ViitorCloud. He's been involved in IT for 6 years and specializes in NodeJs and DevOps. He has 6+ years of experience and is well-versed in numerous programming languages and tools including NodeJs + Angular + PHP + TypeScript + MongoDB + SQL + Postgres + influx + Kunerbets + Docker + AWS etc. He also has exposure to all major Functions like Technical Solutions, Product Management, and Resource Allocations Planning.


Ruchit Patel

Laravel Technology Development Team Lead at ViitorCloud Technologies

With more than 7+ Years of hands-on experience in the software industry with knowledge of the complete software development lifecycle, Ruchit Patel leads the Laravel team. He has web development experience with great back-end (PHP/Laravel ) and DevOps (AWS / Linux / Docker). He has exposure to versatile technology management and major IT functions including Project Delivery Management, DevOps, Presales Support Activities, Software Product Design, and Management, Client Accounts Management, Resources Allocations Planning, and Management. He also has hands-on experience with AWS which includes fully automated CI/CD pipelines using Github and code pipeline, load balancing, and docker.


Sandip Patel

3D Design Team Lead at ViitorCloud Technologies

Sandip Patel leads the 3D design team. He is a 3D artist with a comprehensive background in 3D design. Also, He is an innovative and resourceful 3D artist with more than 5 years of experience in creating and delivering world-class 3D models for clients in the digital media, technology, and gaming industries. He ensures high visual fidelity and optimization for a team of artists through the provision of actuality and aesthetic vision. He also utilizes 3D Applications to design, customize, and creates skeletal meshes, models, textures, animations, and other 3D assets.