We are excited to share the highlights of our recent quarterly meetup held on July 7, 2023, at the CEE Auditorium in Ahmedabad.

This event brought together our exceptional teams from various departments, showcasing their latest projects, celebrating milestones, and fostering a sense of collaboration and innovation.

Our quarterly meeting in 2023 was an evening filled with inspiring presentations and a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological excellence.

Embracing the company’s vision

In an opening act, Our CEO, Mr. Rohit Rajpurohit took the stage, sharing our company’s visionary mission that resonates far beyond business, as he pledges to enrich society through impactful initiatives. Later our CTO, Mr Vishal Rajpurohit, guided us through this whole event to ensure a purpose-driven experience for all attendees.

Disclosure of our powerhouses: Captivating presentations from every department!

Gathering at the Quarterly meet-up, we immersed ourselves in the mosaic of teams and their groundbreaking projects, fostering a spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. The meetup presented an exceptional platform for every team to unleash their creativity and showcase their expertise like never before.

Without any more delay, let’s embark on a journey into the realm of ViitorCloud’s technology teams, affectionately known as our powerhouses, and immerse ourselves in the captivating presentations they delivered at our latest quarterly meet-up.

Node.js and Devops: pushing boundaries with scalable solutions

The Node.js and DevOps team joined forces and created such a presentation about their projects in a way you’ve never experienced before. They used Artificial Intelligence to deliver an engaging presentation that showcased their ability and creativity in the best way.

Moreover, the team also presented their achievements created using the Node.js framework and following DevOps methodologies. Their presentation effectively conveyed our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Blockchain brilliance: experience the revolutionary technology

Our Blockchain team presentation took us on an exciting journey that introduced us to the world of Blockchain technology; As we delved into the success stories of our accomplished Blockchain projects, it became evident that blockchain is more than just a buzzword – it’s a game-changer.

With an unwavering commitment to transparency and efficiency, our team has paved the way for businesses to thrive in this dynamic digital landscape.

Immersive solutions: experience the power of virtual reality

ViitorCloud is a company of the future. We say it because we’re moving ahead with time and technology. We have three different teams in Immersive solutions including the Python team, Unity Team and 3D team.

The immersive team leveraged their expertise in AI technology to showcase their triumphs in an engaging way. Their unique and amazing video presentation underscored their expertise in cutting-edge technology, leaving no doubt about their transformative impact on our organization’s growth.

Our immersive team’s ability to bring ideas to life in virtual worlds was very well showcased in their quarterly meet 2023 presentations.

ReactJS: driving user experience to new heights

Our ReactJS team created a beautiful and captivating website to showcase their open-source contributions in the ReactJS community.

They also showcased a range of web and mobile applications built using this powerful ReactJS framework, demonstrating their ability to deliver high-performance, interactive, and visually stunning interfaces.

Dot Net: empowering enterprises with robust applications

Our Dot Net team took the stage, showcasing their expertise in building robust applications for enterprises. They displayed an impressive suite of tools and frameworks that streamline development processes, enhance security, and enable seamless integration with existing systems.

With their comprehensive approach to application development, Our Dot Net team showcased their ability to deliver tailored solutions that align with each client’s unique requirements.

Laravel Artisans: elevating web development efficiency

Starting from Laravel’s inception version 4.2 to their current addiction to the Laravel ecosystem, our Laravel team’s video presentation highlighted their remarkable journey.

Harnessing their expertise in PHP, Cloud, MySQL, LiveWire and WordPress, our Laravel Team crafts robust, scalable solutions for the modern web.

With the successful completion of a myriad of web application projects, including many enterprise-level ventures, our Laravel team continues to shape the future of web development.

Angular Avengers: building future-proof web solutions

Our Angular Avengers are a team of passionate Angular developers who are dedicated to leveraging the full potential of the Angular framework for building dynamic web applications.

Their expertise includes a wide range of things such as server-side programming, cross-platform development, CI/CD deployment, and more. Our Angular team focuses on collaboration, sharing knowledge, and staying updated with industry trends.

Boasting an exceptional team of Angular developers, we’ve garnered numerous accolades for our exceptional contributions to the Angular community, and our achievements span a wide array of domains.

Celebrating excellence: highlights from our award ceremony at the Q2 meetup

After the excellent presentations, our quarterly meet in 2023 transitioned into a captivating award ceremony, where we celebrated and honored our exceptional achievers across various categories.

Award recipients

  • Consistent Performer: Mahesh Gohil (Tech Lead in JS and React Team) and Manish Detroja (React Developer)

These outstanding individuals embody consistency and dedication in their roles at our company. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has consistently added value across our projects, setting a remarkable standard for others to follow.

  • Spotlight Award: Ayush Kandoi (Product Designer) and Urvin Sanghavi (Laravel Engineer)

The Spotlight Award shines a light on Ayush and Urvin, who go above and beyond their roles, leaving no stone unturned to achieve exceptional outcomes. Their determination and proactive approach make them true assets to the organization.

  • The Engagement Champion: Haresh Sisodiya (Laravel Engineer) and Reemu Kothari (React Engineer)

Haresh and Reemu have taken employee engagement to new heights, as they constantly contribute to a positive and appreciative workplace culture. Their infectious enthusiasm and frequent recognition by peers make them invaluable team members.

  • Entrant of the Quarter: Darshit Makadia (ASP.NET Intern Engineer)

Having quickly grasped numerous skills within the first few days of joining, Darshit is a rising star with immense potential. His impressive adaptability and eagerness to learn point to a promising future within the organization.

  • Mountain Mover: Chandrapal Parekh (System & Network Administrator), Ketul Patel (System & Network Administrator), Maitri Champaneri (JavaScript Engineer)

These team players consistently scale new heights with their relentless hard work and dedication. Regardless of the challenges, their unwavering determination allows them to achieve even the toughest targets.

  • The Star Employee: Aditya Trivedi (Sales and Marketing), Sagar Chauhan (Sr Node.js Engineer)

Aditya and Sagar shined as star employees, having showcased exceptional contributions to specific projects beyond their regular job scope. Their exemplary work ethic and innovative thinking have left a lasting impact on the organization.

  • Employee of the month June 2023: Dhaval Bhalgamiya (React Engineer) and Tushar Parmar (JavaScript Engineer)

Dhaval and Tushar stood out as Employee of the Month recognition for their exceptional achievements and significant contributions in the June month. Their exemplary performance sets a high standard for our entire team.

The award ceremony turned the event into celebrating our teams’ excellence. And each award served as a testament to our company’s deep appreciation for exceptional talent and their dedication.

Mesmerizing performances by our teams

Our Quarterly Meet 2023 became a celebration of creativity and talent, as employees took the stage with their mesmerizing performances.

  • The “Corporate Shark Tank” skit filled the room with laughter, infusing the event with an irresistible sense of joy and excitement.
  • Our teammate Kishan Joshi’s musical mashup created a magical moment for every attendee, touching their hearts with his beautiful melodies.
  • Our PM Jayraj Gadhvi’s soul-stirring dayro and singing left the audience in awe of his vocal prowess.
  • The Cultural Committee’s dance performance brought smiles and togetherness, ending in a lively Garba celebration that filled the air with joy and energy.
  • The superhero Project Managers’ skit left the audience spellbound.

All these performances truly reflected our vibrant company culture.

Final words

At ViitorCloud, our quarterly meetups are not merely events to discuss our milestones, but they are celebrations of our shared vision, achievements, and the driving force behind our success.

Through engaging presentations, entertaining performances, and outstanding awards, our Quarterly Meet 2023 highlighted the dedication, innovation, and spirit of collaboration that genuinely define our company.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made this event a resounding success and look forward to continuing this journey of innovation and collaboration together.

Embark on an exciting adventure with us – together, we’ll elevate your business to unprecedented heights or become an integral part of our remarkable team. No matter your path, we’re weaving an extraordinary tale of expansion and success. So, don’t hesitate, to join us on this remarkable journey!