4 Ways to Make Digital Marketing Campaigns More Profitable

Vishal Rajpurohit
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The traditional marketing methodologies are growing older,and the conventional marketing is gradually being replaced by the digital marketing methodologies.As per industries experts,2017 woulid be a crucial year from the marketing’s perspective,as digital advertisement spending would overtake the spending on the traditional marketing campaigns in this year.This shifts clearly indicates that today people prefer to indulge more with website and social channels instead of mass communication mediums such as TV,radio and newspapers.

As per the eMarketer,the Digital-advertising market is growing steadily,and is experiencing an annual growth of 15%.The marketers are across the globe are now feeling the heat because the digital marketing space is becoming highly competitive,and the conventional marketing practices are increasingly replaced by the new onces.The business who are not indulging in digital marketing.have started losing a huge chunk of prospects and customers,and thus,it has become more important than ever to invest in digital marketing.

Strategies For Making Digital marketing campaign more profitable

The marketers today are facing multiple challenges. The market space is becoming saturated and its becoming very difficult for businesses to achieve the visibility for the business with each passing day. On one hand, the businesses are struggling with the manpower crunch, and on the other hand, it is becoming very difficult to achieve measurable results. Owing to the stiff competition, every business firm is seeking the most robust digital marketing strategies which can deliver the desired results, help a business gain an edge over its competitors and make the digital marketing campaigns more profitable.

Here are some vital tips to make your digital marketing campaigns more successful and results-oriented.

Make Your Campaigns Data Driven

Today, when most of the people are connected through social platforms and networking sites, are using internet based services to accomplish a lot of day to day tasks, are performing online shopping and using the smart phones for multiple purposes, deriving data about the customers is not difficult. This data, when analysed effectively can deliver a plethora of resourceful insights which can be incorporated in the overall marketing strategies, not just digital.

Data can become one of the most vital assets for a company, and by leveraging advanced data analytics tools, companies can get valuable information about the customer behavior, which can be further used to shape the digital marketing strategies in anefficacious manner. Thus, one of the best ways to enhance the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies is by using thecustomer insights derived from structure & unstructured data collected from a range of online sources.

Engage in Effective Content Marketing Strategies

As they say, “Content is King”, one should not underestimate the significance of the efficient content marketing strategies to achieve profitability in the digital marketing campaigns.

Forget about high quality, or keywords rich content, Google, nowadays, seeks ENGAGING CONTENT.

As long as your content is plagiarism free and engaging, it will not only get visibility, but would also be rewarded by Google. A piece of content that adds value and is found useful by the readers can instantly become a hit among them. Thus, focus on writing content that readers would like to read, and one of the best ways to persuade the readers to give your content a try is by writing catchy titles and subtitles above them.

Use Storytelling Formats and Visually Attractive Presentations To Share Your Message OverSocial Media

These days you will find very few people who are interested in reading regular text based posts. Thus, to engage your viewers, you have to innovate the ways to present your messages. Graphics and videos can prove as tremendously wonderful tools for telling your story, and these can be used on both, your social networking accounts as well as on your blogs.

Using the captivating and compelling content strategies, you can easily achieve our business goals pertaining to digital marketing. Even the readers prefer to engage with the messages which are propagated through interesting videos or animations.

Here are some vital statistics related to video and graphical content that will blow your mind:
Around 70% of the social media users prefer to watch videos instead of reading lengthy articles

  1. Visually striking messages receive more attention than text messages
  2. Over 50% of the digital marketers agree that the visuals are more imperative when it comes to th content marketing strategies
  3. The visual content receives about 100% more views than the content without the images.

So, if you are seeking attention from your site viewers, social media followers, prospects and existing customers, invest in developing visually attractive content.

Invest in Personal Marketing

If your aim is to gain a competitive edge over your counterparts and achieve better results with digital marketing, you must invest in thepersonal marketing strategies. Your customers are your most vital assets, and if you can deliver privileged services to your customers, nothing can help you better in augmenting your customer base.

Just like a 360 degree marketing approach, your digital content must target the diverse buyers, their distinct personas and their specific needs. The customers today, look for content, which has been specifically tailored as per their needs. By being a little empathetic while addressing the pain points of the customers, and suggesting them convincing solutions, you can gain the trust of your customers.

By delivering personalized marketing solutions, you can surely enhance the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

With the aforementioned strategies, you can certainly augment the value of your digital marketing strategies, drive more profitability and better sales whilst giving your business an incredible boost in terms of leads, and customer loyalty.

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