How to Make Your Business Profitable Through AR Based Remote Support Solutions?

Mit Shah

After witnessing a pandemic, almost all the companies across the globe have been deploying remote solutions and have been exploring innovative ways of working under what we call as “New Normal” these days. At the same time, there are many companies that are indulging themselves in exploring some out-of-the-box technology solutions, and working on ground-breaking solutions that are best suited for changed working environments, and offer superior ROIs.

One of the technology domains being highly reconnoitred and possessing great potential is “Augmented Reality”. Augmented Reality, capable of offering an interactive-experience of the actual physical-world is being leveraged by an array of businesses hailing from diverse niches to enhance the customer experience in a multitude of ways. To put it in simple terms, what AR does is that it simply enhances the real-world objects through the automated perceptual information, that makes the entire user experience highly interactive, engrossing and incredible.

There are several ways in which you can deploy AR based remote support solutions and make your business profitable. Here are some of the most prominent ones:


  1.  Home and Office Decor Made Easy

    Furniture or home/office décor manufacturing companies can utilize Augmented Reality based remote solutions to help their buyers take better decisions in a shorter time. Most of us, while browsing the online furniture or home décor guides, only use our imagination to think how a particular piece of furniture or a painting would look in a room, office or any part of the house. However, if the furniture designers and home décor manufacturers can design AR based applications that can give their users a virtual view of how something would look in a particular corner of the house, or how a couch would look in the living room, it would enable users not only to make faster decisions and would support better sales, but, would also deliver a user experience that’s unparalleled.

    Above all, any such apps would help any business flourish even when customers cannot physically come to the showrooms and only rely on the online sales. If you run such a business, and would like to deliver this amazing customer experience, it’s the best time to engage with an augmented reality development company.

  2.  Grocery Shopping Made Easy

    Some of the most common dilemmas that most of us experience while doing the grocery shopping is that whether I should buy this product or not, would it be healthy or not, is it good for kids or not, and much more.

    If only someone can answer all these questions for you, shopping would become so much easier and the customers will make instant decisions about buying a product. Augmented Reality based remote solutions can be used to showcase vital information about a product like its nutritional value, its contents, primary ingredients and much more that can help a buyer make informed decisions.

    Also, in today’s day and age, when most people are relying on online shopping apps and are not stepping outside the house to buy things, it’s the best time to deploy AR based solutions and enhance your grocery shopping apps with an outstanding customer experience to gain an edge over your competitors.

    Do not waste any time and look for a renowned AR development company to create exquisite augmented reality based web solutions.

  3.  Sharing Valuable Information and Detailed Instructions to Reduce Business Downtimes

    Almost every business, once in a while, experiences technical issues resulting in business downtimes. While there are remote support technicians who are called for the rescue, but, depending on the complexity and impact of the issue, the time taken to resolve it varies considerably.

    AR based applications to support field service technicians and maintenance engineers can help these technicians to go hands-free without having to go through lengthy manuals and comprehensive guides. Augment Reality can be leveraged to design support solutions based applications that when pointed to various faulty parts, error messages and issues can guide the users with relevant steps of troubleshooting. These solutions can be designed to give the right technical instructions and information to technicians, show step-by-step guides for complex maintenance procedures and proactively help in identifying the parts that might need replacement or repair.

  4.  Newer Ways of Providing Remote Technical Support

    AR Technology is amongst the best options to explore to make remote technical support easier, less time consuming and in some cases, proactive. Users can leverage the AR based apps while speaking to Remote Technical Support experts to give them a lucid idea of what’s wrong and the entire scenario, which can help in resolving the issues with greater efficiency.

    In the same way, field engineers can approach the experts in real-time to save the time and costs associated with repair.

    One of the best features of AR based remote support is the aspect of proactive care that this technology introduces. It has the potential of optimizing the output and lowering down onsite repair costs significantly. Especially in the situations, where downtime counts considerably and the applications/systems are business critical, AR based support efficiencies can transform the remote support arena significantly.

  5.  Improved Business Processes Imply Higher Profitability

    Every business depends on the processes and workflows designed to make day to day tasks easier, and standardize the ways in which various tasks are handled by the employees. Processes bring efficiency and uniformity across the business, and thus, the profitability of a business (to a greater extent) depends on the efficacy of the business processes that are leveraged by its employees.

    AR based remote solutions can be deployed in several pioneering ways to find out better ways of dealing with an issue or to complete a task. Augmented Reality is an amazing technology, and it can certainly be used to evaluate the efficiency of the processes and to decide the best SOP to follow in different scenarios in order to achieve efficiency. For example, in case of any issue, we either look for the previous instances of similar issue to find out the steps to follow or for SOP that would best suit that issue. AR based business solutions can guide us to the best course of action in any scenario making it easier to resolve the issue and eliminating the need for Subject Matter Experts to deal with complicated matters.

    With all these advancements and several more into the development phase, AR is all set to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their users. Any business looking forward for developing customer centric AR solutions should look for a renowned AR development company for Augment Reality based solutions development

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