6 Examples of Internet of Things in Daily Life

Vishal Rajpurohit

Internet of Things refers to physical things that are embedded with sensors and software. With the help of software, data is exchanged with them, in which internet access is taken. Nowadays we have many such gadgets available. Their main purpose is to operate something with the help of that gadget from a particular distance without any human assistance.

Different types of devices are designed to perform these different tasks. There are some devices in which sensors are installed and some devices listen to our commands based on the processor and execute them. Each device has been designed to perform different functions. There are dozens of such devices available to us that work in our daily lifestyle and make our tasks easier.

As technology is increasing day by day, their use and utility are also increasing. Gradually it will be used in every household. Most of these gadgets and devices are currently being used in big corporate offices. But as the Internet and technology upgrade themselves at a rapid pace, so will their expansion also increase.

Let us know which are the main areas where it is going to establish its strength very fast, and where it is used:


  1. Smart Home As digitalization is gaining momentum, along with it the trend of automation is also increasing rapidly. In the coming days, you must be hearing many things like smart home, smart office, smart work station. Have you ever wanted to understand what is meant by smart? This means that your home or office will be digitally connected to the Internet and all the electronic gadgets in it like fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. will all be connected to the Internet. By giving one of your commands, you can do whatever activity you want in your home.

    For example, with the help of smart switches in the house, smart bulbs, and lights, smart doors, windows, etc., you accomplish this task. All these things mainly have a sensor, processor, or any other such device which gives them the understandable capability. With the help of this, they execute our command and take a desirable action. Like the smart speakers, Amazon Alexa is also an example of this.

  2. Wearable Health Monitors You must have seen that people have started liking digitally available health monitors very much these days. The main reason behind this was two reasons, firstly it looks very attractive, and secondly, it also gives us the advantage that we can track our health. This includes a variety of items such as smartwatches, smart clothes, smart shoes, and many other fitness bands. Such health monitors are made by many companies which provide us with high-quality services.

    With the help of these, we can easily track many other activities like Heart Rate Monitor Ring, Pulse Account, Step Tracker. This data is stored in one place, where you can analyze yourself and can also show it to a doctor. It also helps us in many ways. In case of any kind of medical emergency, they also alert us so that we can consult a doctor in time.

  3. Biometric Security SystemsThe trend of the biometric system has increased very fast in the last few years. This system is used for identification. Biometric machines are used to make attendance in many companies and offices. With this, only the authorized person can put the fingerprint. And in this, the record of time tracking is also maintained, at what time the employee came to the office and at what time he went home.

    In the biometric system, you can verify yourself with the help of thumb impression, voice command, and eye scanning. This whole system is connected with a host computer where all the data is stored. If any kind of data is needed in the future, then we can collect and use the data from there.

    This technology is also used in smart homes where we use biometrics for door locking and unlocking. In this, we do not need to carry any kind of door key, only through fingerprint, voice command, and eye scanning, we can do this work easily.

  4. Automation of Process In large manufacturing industries, performing repetitive tasks such as packaging and labeling, etc., is very time-consuming and there is also a high possibility of human error. For example, labeling has to be done on the goods coming from the conveyor belt in a manufacturing plant. If it is done manually by the person then it will consume a lot of time. But automating it through technology designing a process and repeating it would be very beneficial.

    With its help, the probability of error will be reduced to 0% and productivity will increase. The machine will work according to the process and will work only at a specified speed. In this way, there are many other examples where we can automate the process and increase efficiency.

  5. Farming This technology can prove to be very useful in the field of agriculture. In the coming days, we see that due to climate change and water crisis, farmers have to go through many problems, such as soil tightness, drought, etc. But when we implement the irrigation system with the help of technology, then such problems will not arise.

    The sensors will automatically supply water to only those places where water is required. Due to this water will not be wasted and there will be no shortage of water. With this, it will be beneficial not only in understanding the problems of water but also the utility and use of fertilizers.

  6. Shopping Malls In many shopping malls, you must have seen that all your products are scanned by a barcode scanner. Now, this technique is being used in almost all shops too. In this, the barcode scanner is attached to the host computer, which carries the necessary information and transmits it to the host computer. The host computer is connected to the billing machine from which the bill is generated and the bill is given to the customer. It sounds like an easy task, but it has a lot of usefulness.

    If you do a lot of shopping then billing for it is a humanly very time-consuming process and there is a possibility of a mistake in it. But this work can be done very quickly and with accuracy through a barcode scanner. All this has been possible with the help of the Internet of Things.


As technology is increasing,g, in the same way, it is making its hold in every field. There will hardly be any work left where technology is not used. Of course, this is not being done so extensively now, but technology has become capable of doing almost all the work. In such a situation, it becomes very important that we also use it and increase our efficiency and efficiency.

We need to change with the changing methods. Technology is entering our daily life very fast. If you are also curious to know about technology in the same way, then you can get very good information from our blog. If you like the information then share it with others also.

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