Digital marketing is a marketing method in which we do marketing using digital platforms. We can see a lot of promotions through digital marketing all around us. Artificial intelligence has an intense role in digital marketing. Digital marketing has already changed the way of marketing, but with artificial intelligence, it has become even more advanced.

Today, we will tell you about all the changes due to the addition of AI in digital marketing. Broadly, if we take a look, artificial intelligence apps like Chat GPT can give a great customer experience. Tracking the behavior through artificial intelligence can be predicted in advance. Let us know about them in detail:

Personalization & recommendation

Marketing has changed entirely in the last few years. Earlier, we used to use some such traditional methods that have entirely stopped or are almost a waste of money. Today the customer has become so digitally empowered that he wants to be sent personalized sales messages according to his location. According to a survey, in 2017-18, about 20 to 30% of users changed the brand due to a lack of trust.

If we can send personalized messages to our customers, then there is a kind of trust built up there. With the help of artificial intelligence, it is much easier to do this, and we also get many benefits from it. We can easily track customers’ exit points with AI in digital marketing. Accordingly, a message of retargeting is sent to them automatically.

Attractive pricing

We also have to keep in mind these things: how much is our product’s price, and we should reduce and increase it with time. We need to closely track the customer’s behavior, which is almost tricky and impossible to do. But if we do this work with the help of technology, then it will become effortless. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can easily track everything, and accordingly, we can increase or decrease the price.

Mainly, it analyzes how the customer’s behavior and with which products he is interacting more. Accordingly, a customized price is shown so that his buying behavior is triggered and he can make a buying decision quickly. Doing this increases our sales in many ways, and the customers also get a great experience. Artificial Intelligence is being used with great enthusiasm in digital marketing day by day, and it is a beneficial technology, with the help of which all businesses benefit.



Until a few years ago, when we used to talk with chatbots, it was boring and could answer only a few questions. But today, chatbots have become so advanced with the help of artificial intelligence that while talking to them, we cannot even guess whether it is a human or a chatbot. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, they have been made so advanced that they can solve all our problems. You must have seen that Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have also improved significantly.

WhatsApp chatbots also assist us so that we feel that someone from the front is helping us and answering our questions. It has been programmed so that even after understanding a man’s query, he can analyze it immediately and make a decision so that it can give a correct answer. It saves a lot of human time and helps us convert sales. It works day and night and does not incur any maintenance costs.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization algorithms are also changing very rapidly. Search engine optimization has also changed a lot with the help of artificial intelligence. While searching your questions on Google, you must have seen that many types of recommendations are related to your question. This is mainly done with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Every company is doing a lot of work on it to make their search engine more advanced.

For example, when we search Apple on Google, it is a bit difficult to understand whether we are looking for information about the fruit or the Apple company. Work is being done very fast in this area, and Artificial Intelligence is being used as much as possible. Using technology in the right way is very beneficial for us, and it also helps us a lot.

Ads optimization

Since the digital trend has started increasing, the buying and selling of people through digital marketing have also increased a lot. Today we are not using old advertising techniques, but by advertising through digital media, we are reaching our product to the people. It is very cost-effective and also saves a lot of time with its help, but in this, we have to learn how to target the audience. If we target the wrong audience, then we will not get any conversions.

We can make our work even easier by using Artificial Intelligence to retarget and target our customers. In this, the system automatically analyzes which user may be willing to buy, and accordingly, it is retargeted. This is almost impossible for us, but digital systems can analyze it and thus retarget the customer by optimizing the ads. This increases the conversion rate very high and gives us good returns.


Technology is growing very fast in our life, and working through technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning has become even more accessible. Digital marketing is a field that is growing very fast, and digital marketing has become even more profitable with artificial intelligence. Due to this, we are getting many benefits, and it has become easy to grow the business fast. If you also want any Artificial Intelligence-based service for your business, you can contact us.