Nowadays, you must be constantly hearing all around you that there is the trend of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Many such tasks have become very easy due to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Both these technologies are gaining momentum very fast and are gaining strength in our day-to-day life. In such a situation it becomes very important that we have information about it. Do you know about Artificial Intelligence? Let us understand what is Artificial Intelligence after all.

What is artificial intelligence?

Before we talk more about Artificial Intelligence development, we should know what is Artificial Intelligence. And is mainly a computer system that is capable of performing human tasks, such as translation in languages, decision-making, etc. Artificial intelligence mainly works like artificial humans.

Artificial Intelligence is the method through which computers can make decisions based on data and statistical analytics. All this work is automatic and process-driven. Artificial Intelligence is capable of tracking behavior on its basis and responding accordingly. Mainly this is basic information about Artificial Intelligence which would have given you an idea about whom.

Artificial Intelligence is created with technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Machine learning is a process in which the computer determines how to respond according to the data. This process is completely based on the dataset.

8 everyday examples of artificial intelligence

Here is a list of some such daily tasks in which Artificial Intelligence helps us.

Face recognition or detection

We see the use of this feature in many devices around us. Our Face ID is scanned for unlocking in our mobile phones. Filters are present in many applications which are applied only after recognizing our face. All this is possible only with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Not only in mobile phones but it is also used as security. With the help of this technology at the airport and other places by the government, security is increased even more. This is reliable and also gives us many benefits.

Maps & navigation

With the help of maps and navigation, it has become much easier for us to move from one place to another. Where earlier we used to take the printed map for help, now we can roam anywhere in the whole world with the help of map in mobile phone. Through machine learning, it gives us information accurately. By understanding the corners of each building, place, mountain, etc., shows us the exact path.

Not only that, but day by day it is becoming more and more sensible. It understands the traffic and gives us updates on which way we will reach it soon. It tells us the best route to our destination. With the help of the map, we can also take traffic updates very easily.

Autocorrect & editors

You must have often seen that we have to face many problems like grammar and typing mistakes while writing. Mistakes in spelling also spoil the art and effect of our writing. Artificial Intelligence’s algorithm tries to learn languages on its own using deep learning and machine learning. And accordingly gives us the result. We have many such tools in which we can write easily and very fast. By highlighting the mistakes made in our writing, it automatically corrects them. This saves a lot of time and increases productivity significantly.



A chatbot is an artificial human who tries to solve your problem by talking to you. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots have become so intelligent nowadays that they are capable of solving almost all kinds of problems. The customer has to face many difficulties to get in touch with the customer care representative. But since chatbots have come, there are many such options, with the help of which they are resolved immediately. Frequently asked questions, order tracking, and many other problems are solved in a jiffy, Chat GPT App is the best example of an Ai chatbot that provides solutions.

Search & recommendation

You must have often seen that a lot of content is recommended on YouTube and Netflix according to you. This recommendation comes only for the content that you like to watch. Have you ever wondered how this happens? After all, how do these platforms know what you like to watch? This has been possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Many algorithms are working in the back end that process the data and prepare a customized recommendation for you. It is prepared for you by tracking your behavior.

Digital assistant

Often you must have heard about Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple Siri, etc. It is our assistants who work for us. For example, you are driving and you have to call your home, you will say “Call home” and it will immediately dial your home number and will start calling. In this way, there are many other things that you can do with the help of a digital assistant. The working capacity of these assistants is increasing day by day, and they are being able to do the work with more precision. This is becoming possible only and only because of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Social plateform using AI

Have you experienced that after some time you start seeing ads about something you search anywhere? How do you think this is happening? How do those platforms know what you were searching about? Along with this, you only get the kind of content recommendation on social media that you like to see. This is being done with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

E-Banking & payments

Till a few years ago, we had to make several rounds of the bank to do any kind of transaction. But Artificial Intelligence has taken the banking sector too far. Now we can not only send money sitting at home but also open a new bank account. Artificial Intelligence handles security and errors, which increases its reliability even more.

If any kind of activity is found in your profile then it notifies you through an alert. And if there is any more fault then your account is also blocked from the system automatically. In this way, with its help, it becomes easier for us to do our work.


After understanding all these things, you must have come to know how fast Artificial Intelligence is growing. Artificial Intelligence is spreading its wings in almost all fields. It is improving itself very fast and making our work, even more, easier by giving accurate results.